How to reduce the signature process with Countersign from weeks to hours

Nov 15, 2022

Getting documents, contracts, or agreements signed on paper can often be tedious. And if signatories are not around, you have to wait for them to be physically present or rely on mailing and couriers to get the papers to all the parties — that can take days or even weeks to finalize. That’s a lot of time in any professional setting, where a lack of signatures can derail many important activities.

Streamlining the signature process helps reduce time and also offers many conveniences. A simple online e-signature software like Countersign can reduce the signature process from weeks to a couple of hours!

Electronic signatures ensure a seamless and convenient process

Contracts are important in businesses. However, contracts only become official when they are signed. If you’re having difficulty getting contracts and other documents signed on time with your hard copies, that’s a glaring sign to change the process. 

Switching to electronic signatures eliminates the hassle of manually printing, mailing, and tracking documents.

Let’s take a look at some significant benefits of the Countersign contract management system:

1. E-signatures are fast

Speeding up the document signing process is perhaps the most significant benefit of using online contract management software. With Countersign, you don’t need to print or mail the documents that need to be signed. You only need to email them to the signatories. Sending documents online is also easier to track. 

Apart from the quick signatures, the document approval process is also fast. When the document is ready, you can email it to all the relevant individuals. They can read the document on their gadgets and send changes or edit recommendations within the hour. The changes can be implemented immediately, and approval or finalization will follow shortly. Everything is done within hours. 

2. E-signatures are efficient

With e-signature services like Countersign, clients don’t need to download an app or log in to a system to sign the documents. Everything is readily available on their computer or mobile device. All they need is a browser, a working internet connection, and the link you share with them to access the document.

The signatories can review and sign the agreement instantly on any device. And as soon as they are done, you’re notified that the document is completed, giving you the go-ahead with whatever the next step is in your workflow.

3. E-signatures are easy

Nobody wants to deal with complicated systems when e-signing a document. Countersign makes the entire process easy and straightforward. Countersign has an intuitive interface that works well on a desktop or mobile device. Therefore it appeals to people of all ages and experiences, even those who haven’t wholeheartedly embraced technology.  

4. E-signatures produce zero waste

Say goodbye to paper! You don’t have to print dozens of pages of any contract anymore. If the document has a mistake, you don’t need to do a reprint. And once the document is done, you don’t have to worry about keeping a filing system or flip through countless folders to find a place to store it.

With online e-signature software, you can edit the error online, and any document prepared and completed is safely stored in the cloud. Zero waste means zero frustration. It will save you time, energy, and money while also increasing your productivity. 

5. E-signed documents are everywhere

As mentioned above, all your documents are saved in the cloud. That means you’ll be able to access them wherever you are.

You meet a client at a convention, and they are ready to sign a deal on the spot? No problem. Access the document within Countersign on your mobile phone, make the appropriate changes, and share it with them to seal the deal immediately.

Or you’re working from home, and a question regarding a contract comes up. No need to rush to the office. Open the contract on your laptop and find the answers you’re seeking. Never once be left disconnected from your document and signing needs.

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Sign Anywhere at Anytime

An e-signature software like Countersign allows you to send the document or contract to the signatory anywhere in the world. No more waiting for days on end for the signatory to receive the documents, sign them, and send them back to you. 

Here’s how you can use Countersign for your e-signature needs in four easy steps:

  1. Create

    Upload any document that needs to be signed. You can also create a template for documents your need to use often and have it ready with just a few clicks.

  2. Prepare

    Customize the contract and identify the fields where the signatures or other additional information should appear. 

  3. Send

    Send a link to the document to all the people concerned. The document can be opened and signed on any device without any need to log in.

  4. File

    The document is then saved in the cloud. All individuals in the loop will also get a copy of the file sent to their email for reference. 

Why Choose Countersign


Countersign provides price versatility. There is a free option with a limited number of documents that you can send. The second tier allows you to send an unlimited number of documents. The top tier is the professional option that offers a branding feature, perfect for a growing company. 


One of the issues of digital software is storage. With Countersign, this isn’t a problem because documents are saved securely in the cloud by the highest standards. There’s even a tool that will help you check if the document has been tampered with, so you’ll always be sure that the signatures are authentic.


People of all levels of expertise will access the documents at your and your client’s ends. It helps when the process is easy to understand for the people involved. Countersign cuts down any noise and offers an e-signature process that is easy to go through for beginners and experts alike.

Save time and energy with Countersign

The faster you get documents or contracts signed, the faster you get your business moving. Countersign offers a convenient and streamlined process at attractive pricing. From the contract creation to the filing, you can easily reduce the entire signature process from weeks to hours. 

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