Why using a digital workflow is essential

Mar 09, 2022

Digital workflow management is quickly becoming an essential part of business today. But the amount of data companies create every day and the need to keep the information up-to-date can make the process a resource hogger. One of the best ways to manage digital workflows is to use online services. Many organizations realized that and use specially designed software for any or their workflows — from project management to e-signature process — to stay ahead of the competition.

Will your company benefit from using digital workflows? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Using Digital Workflows

Digital workflows are essential because they can help you organize business-critical information. You can accomplish a lot with their help, especially since anyone in the company can access them and ensure they have the correct data at all times.

Here are some of the primary reasons your business needs a digitized workflow:

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1. Saves time

Allocating time to operational tasks can be difficult, particularly if you have more pressing matters to take care of. After all, prioritizing work helps companies stay competitive.

A digital workflow management system can save employees time. For instance, operations managers can easily check on the status and delegate tasks so they can focus on more important jobs. That not only frees up time but also boosts everyone’s productivity.

2. Promotes transparency

Keeping data on hard copies can be prone to compromise. If a document gets lost or misfiled, hours of work go down the drain. And if it contains proprietary or confidential information, your company is at risk of ruining its reputation, and you will not even know who is at fault.

A digital workflow management system can alleviate that. It provides transparency across the organization; you can track everyone who accessed documents in real-time. In addition, it allows for better organization, easing data retrieval.

3. Go green

Going digital almost always translates to going green. You do not use as much paper and employ printing, after all, ultimately leaving a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

4. Helps with compliance

The systems also ensure document longevity in that digital data is less susceptible to physical damage. That is particularly important for organizations that must adhere to strict regulations requiring documents to be archived for 3–5 years, depending on their industry.

5. Less storage and more secure

Using digital workflow management systems does not require as much storage space, allowing organizations to save costs. A good online service will securely store and backup the data for you with proper encryption in place. You will not have to worry about losing any important documents due to misplacing a printout or if the storage room gets damaged.

6. Keeps everyone in the loop

The right digital workflow management system allows for efficiency, flexibility, and security — valuable traits that you should have to stay ahead of the competition.

With the right online system in place, you can communicate and collaborate with employees, stakeholders, and partners in a secure environment anywhere and anytime. This benefit is especially useful for business associates who travel frequently or prefer to work from home amid the pandemic.

Digital workflow management woes with Countersign

While digital workflow management systems provide a lot of advantages, they come with inherent challenges as well. One problem is ensuring that confidential contracts and agreements remain private and secure during the signing process, which needs to be convenient as well.

That is where an online e-signature solution like Countersign comes in handy. The app helps businesses worldwide ease the document signing process while ensuring the security of transactions, all in a matter of minutes.

Consider this scenario: You need the signatures of two CEOs (your company’s and that of a client) for a contract. Countersign lets you send the document to both at once without needing to craft an email. Both parties can instantly access their copies on any internet-enabled device and affixed their signatures. Once both are done, a completed document is shared and stored.

Countersign has a deep understanding of the needs of modern businesses. It combines an intuitive design with high-performance technology based on a vast experience with digital workflow management systems and the experiences of our customers sending and receiving thousands of documents.


Digital workflows are here to stay. The rapid rate at which data is created and collected, relying on the traditional pen & paper workflows is no longer sustainable. The time for manual data entry and processing, paperwork filing, and physical document signing has passed; companies that want to stay ahead must go digital.

You will need the right tools like a reliable e-signature app to keep things moving. You can save time and effort, boost transparency and productivity, enhance compliance, and essentially grow your business.

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