How your brand improves your e-signature process

Apr 23, 2021

When people think about a business they have been in contact with, chances are the visual memory recalls parts of the company logo. Your brand is important for clients to connect with you on a visual and emotional level. Therefore, it should be present during any interaction with the client. Your brand improves your client relationship when applied to product presentations, communications, and even workflows as mundane an e-signature process

Your visual brand is the face of your business

Everyone likes to see a familiar face. This applies to human faces, pets, and visual identities of brands. The familiarity helps to instantly connect, recall emotional memories, and build trust—or caution.

While clients may not be able to 100% recreate the elements of the company’s visual identity, the shapes and colors used in a brand are ingrained in their memory. Whenever they see a red circle, a black checkmark, or a big, yellow M, they will instantly recall the brand and any emotional connection they have built up with that company. If the visual identity is brought up consistently, the client will make a clearer image and connect much faster with your company. In these days of overstimulation, endless social media feeds, and spam mail, recognizing your brand in a split second can make the difference between getting your clients attention or getting overlooked.

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Bring your brand along all the way

Every external communication should be “branded” with your logo and colors. Presenting your identity in the same manner repeatedly will create instant recognition and trust that you want to invoke in your clientele.

Therefore your company needs to define how the use its chosen visual identity. Create a company brand guideline, which outlines how the logo looks, how it’s used and not used, what colors are part of the identity, and which typefaces go along with the visuals. More detailed brand guidelines may include image identities, describing the style of images and graphics representing the company’s brand. 

How far your company needs to define its visual identity depends on the depth—and budget—of its marketing efforts. But the guidelines must be respected and consistently implemented. Any company brochure, newsletter, and contract sent for electronic signature must be presented with the brand.

Brand consistency is key to seamless and successful interactions with clients.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signatures—or e-signatures for short—are a simplified, digital way to get contracts, agreements, and other documents signed. Online e-signature services like Countersign help set up a document, collect all the signatures needed, and store the signed document in the cloud. This makes getting a document signed faster and more economical, as it does not require any printouts, delivery cost and time, and no physical storage cabinet. All your contacts are handled securely within Countersign.

In addition, when you request signatures with an e-signature service, a digital audit trail will let you know exactly who has viewed the document and who has yet to sign it. No more waiting for couriers to bring back the signed copy or setting up meetings. The signing process can be started from any location and in an instance.

Countersign is mobile-optimized, allowing you to send, store and review all documents online, from any device with internet access.

Add your brand to your e-signature workflow

Countersign lets you add your brand logo and your color to your e-signature process. All your emails sent through Countersign will sport your visual identity, giving your clients instant recognizability. They will know right away who they are dealing with and can focus on signing the document. This increases trust in your company and helps make the signing process seamless and faster.

To add your visual elements, navigate to the Branding section within your Countersign account. There you will be able to: 

  • Upload your logo, 
  • Define your brand color, and
  • Preview your branded email, as well as send yourself a sample email, so you can see how it will appear in your email client.

Note: The custom branding in Countersign is available to Elite accounts. If you have not upgraded to Elite yet, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Personalize your e-signature process by creating a branded experience. Offer your clients a seamless e-signature workflow that helps them build trust in your company and allows for agreements and contracts to be signed more efficiently. Sign up for Countersign now.

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