Your go-to modern, mobile-friendly, secure e-signature service. Our mission is to make your e-signature processing delightful.

Templates: Ours, Yours, and Theirs

Use our templates, or upload your own. Moreover, you can also share templates so others can use them too.

Templates - Countersign Feature
Messaging - Countersign Feature

Custom Messaging: Say what you want

Signature requests, ‘Welcome to the team’s and ‘Next steps,’ and the like can all be accompanied by custom messaging. Give your email interactions the context you like so it feels like your emails are coming from a specific person.

Branding: Your personal touch

Have a strong corporate identity? Customize colors and replace our logo with yours.

Teams - Countersign Feature

Teams: Fine-tuned access controls

Add team members, share documents and templates, and control the access to each one on an individual basis. Centralized billing and more admin controls only on the Team Plan.

Billing transparency: No secrets or surprises

Straightforward plans with straightforward features at a fair price for everyone. Non-profit or a new business? Get in touch for additional discounts.

Plans - Countersign Feature
Sharing - Countersign Feature

External sharing: More done with less work

Turn your documents for signing and templates into links and QR codes. Share your link and your customer clicks and fills out their info — no need for manual sends.

Countersign is here to help you, not gauge you. New companies get to use us for free.

You can create and send your first 8 documents for free — and there’s no time limit. Whether it takes you a few weeks to get your startup going or a few years to step up your passion project, it doesn’t matter: those first 8 docs are yours, and we won’t ask you for a penny.

But here’s the best part: as your business grows, we’ll grow with you. We give you unlimited self-sign and 3 new free document requests every month, so you can keep on using Countersign for free — forever. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Go digital with Countersign

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