If you’re looking to go paperless—whether with your personal files, your private practice, or even your team at a Fortune 500 company—it can be difficult to decide which e-signature service to choose. Here we’re putting an end to the confusion: Countersign is a secure, mobile-friendly e-signature service with the mission to make your e-signature processing simpler, safer, and quicker.

Countersign is frustration-free - Countersign Benefits

Countersign is frustration-free

Adapting to new working methods can be a challenge, but intelligent, user-focused software design makes the change much easier. Our system is built with ease and efficiency in mind. Our goal is to keep it simple and easy to use; we won’t throw confusing jargon at you, and we don’t bloat our system with unnecessary features. 

Countersign gives you freedom to move - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you freedom to move

In Countersign, you can access the features you need in just a few taps. And when we say our service is mobile, we mean it. Our system is designed to work just as well from your mobile device as it does on your desktop computer, right in your favorite browser. No app download is needed.

Countersign gives you freedom of choice - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you freedom of choice

We don’t ask you or your clients to give up your personal data to use our service. You can start using Countersign in under a minute using your email address. And your clients can sign documents without having to create an account at all.

Your completed documents are available to you in multiple ways: You can access them within Countersign. Or refer back to your email—when a document is completed, we email it to everyone as a PDF attachment.

Countersign gives you freedom from stress - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you freedom from stress

Some systems claiming to make things easier do the opposite; you might find yourself overwhelmed by confused clients emailing questions, or you hear nothing at all and wonder whether the service is even working.

With Countersign, every document request you make will be sent out as an email to you, all the signing parties, and anyone else you wish to be included. As these individuals view and sign the document, everyone receives updates on the progress. An audit trail helps to see where the document has been and can be used as a reference in a dispute.

Countersign gives you freedom of expression - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you freedom of expression

You can customize the message of your outdoing email. This frees you from corporate boilerplate style emails’ blandness and allows you to adapt your message to your needs or your business requirements. 

And for businesses with a strong corporate identity, we’ll let you choose your colors and add your logo to any outgoing email. So your clients will feel right at home whenever they sign an agreement with you.

Countersign gives you free time - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you free time

Countersign is built to give you back your free time. Our service is designed to make every step of e-signing documents as efficient as possible. With Countersign, templates are easy to create and modify—it only takes a few seconds to upload, define and save a document for future use. After that, you can send these documents by just adding their name and email address. Repeat clients? We’ll remember them for you, too. 

Countersign gives you free… stuff! - Countersign Benefits

Countersign gives you free… stuff!

We’re glad to offer Countersign at no cost because we know you’ll love it. Whether you’re starting a whole new business or just getting used to a new way of e-signing documents, Countersign is here to help, free of charge. You can create and send your first ten documents for free—and there’s no time limit on that. Whether it takes you a few weeks to get your startup going, or a few years to step up your passion project, it doesn’t matter: those first ten docs are yours, and we won’t ask you for a penny.

But here’s the best part: as your business grows, we’ll grow with you. We award you three new free documents every month, so you can keep on using Countersign for free—forever.

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