Benefits of storing your e-signature documents in the cloud

Apr 30, 2021

Business contracts, transactions, deeds, proposals all have to be signed to be considered legal. Sending these documents from one location to the other can be time-consuming and tiresome. The solution to this is electronic signatures. An e-signature allows you to affix signatures to digitalized documents electronically—it is the digital equivalent of a person’s handwritten signature. Apart from being more efficient, using an e-signature service also improves the way documents are stored and available at any time by being securely saved in the cloud.

How e-signature documents are stored

Organizing and accessing files can be a hassle. Print documents, file them in folders, find physical space to store the folders, and have the documents accessible on location only can hinder fast-paced business transactions. The benefits of using an e-signature service like Countersign include helping to store all documents with signature needs.  

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Countersign uses cloud storage to organize and store documents. This is more efficient, and documents can easily be recovered at any time, from any location. Cloud storage provides you with organized and accessible files at any stage of the signature process:

1. Templates

For contracts or agreements that need to be sent often to different parties, Countersign allows you to create templates. Upload a document and define all the information potential signers must complete and save it in the cloud. When a client needs to complete this form, you simply pull it up from the template, complete the personalized data and send it off within seconds. Thanks to the document being in the cloud, you can request the signature right when you need it. You can seal the deal before the client gets cold feet.

2. Signing progress

Whether a document needs to be signed by one or multiple parties, with a cloud-based e-signature solution, you will always know the status of your contract. Countersign will record any activity and create an audit trail. You can review who has accessed the file and who has signed already.

3. Signed documents

All completed documents are available to you. You’ll be able to review the agreements, and if need be, send the same document to another party with a few clicks. Since Countersign is mobile optimized, you can access all your files from any device in any location without having to go to the office and sort through physical folders. Your entire document library is at your fingertips.

Advantages of cloud storage for e-signatures

There are a lot of benefits associated with Countersign’s cloud storage features:

1. Easy Access

With documents stored online, you can easily access files and sign them at their convenience. Cloud storage grants users smooth access to the file with just a few clicks on their mobile devices or computers. This makes transactions easy, smart, and convenient. 

2. Ease of file sharing

With Countersign’s use of the cloud storage system, files or documents that have been stored can easily be shared with customers. The documents can easily be sent to their various emails for proper signing and authorization. Sending and signing require minimal effort. No hassle, no stress.

3. Cost-effective

There is nothing smarter than high efficiency at a low cost. Business transactions become cost-effective with the use of cloud storage. Cloud storage cuts out the cost of printing and delivering while making the contracts and agreements available anytime. It secures your documents and minimizes your company’s budget.

4. Data security

Data security is a priority. Unauthorized access to sensitive files can lead to huge financial losses for the business or company. Countersign runs on secure technology managed by Google Cloud. All documents all securely stored using the security protocols that Google uses, and your information is protected using Google’s stringent security measures. 

Improve all aspects of your business with e-signature services

Document access has never been easier. Countersign provides you with online technology that will improve the efficiency of business transactions, enabling you to make more profit with minimal effort. Convenience and customer satisfaction have never been better. 

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