How to prepare a template on Countersign

Jul 31, 2020

If you have a document you expect to send out more than once, make it a template. Set up your template once, use it again and again. To create a template, follow these five simple steps:

Step 1 – Upload a document

Step 2 – Add signer roles

Step 3 – Assign fields to your signer(s) (signature, name, date, etc.)

Step 4 – Customize your email

Step 5 – Save as template. Done.

Step 1 – Upload a document

Create template - Upload a document - Countersign

Upload the document you would like to save as a template.

Step 2 – Add signer roles

Create template - Assign signer roles - Countersign

Give your signer(s) a role. You will be adding the specific signer later.

Step 3 – Assign fields to your signer

Create template - Add preparer fields - Countersign

You can add yourself as signer or simply edit the document as a preparer.

Create template - Add signer fields - Countersign

Assign fields for your signer(s) to complete, such as their signature, signing date, names or text input.

Step 4 – Customize your email

Create template - Customize email - Countersign

Save a nice message as your new default, if you’d like.

Step 5 – Save as template, DONE

Create template - Save template - Countersign

You can review your template to make sure everything is in the right place before you press “save”.

Create template - Use template - Countersign

To use your template press “send a document”, and select “use template”. You’ll see a list of prepared templates. Select the one you need and you’ll be able to prepare the document for specific signer(s).

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