Save Trees With E-Signatures

Jun 17, 2022

Unnecessary paper consumption is a leading cause of concern for environmentally-conscious individuals and institutions today. Globally, 400 million tons of paper are produced each year. Experts project that by 2060, the most notable increase in wood consumption will be caused by the paper industry.

Did you know that the average office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of office paper annually? This amounts to 660 pounds per person. Simply switching to digital alternatives can limit the use of paper and help slow down the destruction of forests worldwide. And a good online e-signature service can help do its part.

The Environmental Impact of Paper Consumption in Offices

Over 70% of office waste consists of paper — up to 30% of those sheets are never even picked up from the printer. Of the 50 or so sheets of paper used by an average office worker each day, 45% end up in the trash. These astounding numbers paint a bleak picture.

In the digital age and the rise of digital tools, such as online e-signature solutions, the extent of paper use has become unnecessary.

The environmental consequences of these lost resources are incredibly dire. Unnecessary paper consumption does play a part in the deforestation that is often overlooked. The effects of climate change will continue to worsen, and we’ll face an increasingly hostile environment.

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The Ecological Importance of E-signatures

E-signatures are extremely cost-efficient in terms of saving paper, time, and money. Going digital will also benefit the environment:

1. Reduce Pollution

Paper has been the backbone of administration and business operations for decades, contributing to the 400% increase in paper consumption over the last 40 years. Despite being one of the most widely recycled materials in the world, paper is still harmful to the environment. The paper production industry is the third-largest polluter of air, water, and land.

The paper manufacturing process releases sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air. They are major causes of acid rain, which leads to a pH imbalance in water and soil. The paper industry’s greenhouse gas emissions contribute significantly to global warming. This is in addition to the fossil fuel consumption required for transportation.

Going digital with all your contracts and agreements by using electronic signatures will do wonders to reduce the environmental damage caused by the paper industry.

2. Reduce Deforestation, Paper Waste, and Water Consumption

The global demand for paper — which exceeds 300 million metric tons per year — is entirely unnecessary. Paper waste accounts for 40% of total waste produced. Around 71.6 million tons of paper waste is generated by the US alone yearly!

In addition, paper production and recycling require millions of gallons of water, a valuable resource that must be conserved instead.

By switching to digital solutions and affordable e-signature services, businesses and office workers worldwide can work together to significantly reduce the amount of paper waste each year.

Switching to an online e-signature solution can help limit the strain on the environment of deforestation, waste, and water consumption.

How Do E-Signatures Help the Environment?

Many businesses remain very dependent on paper even today, costing millions of dollars each year. Such companies are vulnerable as a simple flood or fire could wipe out their documentation systems. Over 70% of businesses are at risk of failing in just three weeks if they don’t switch to digital documentation.

These companies spend over 120 billion dollars on printed forms each year, many of which become outdated in less than three months. Reams of paper end up in the trash immediately after use — a tremendous waste for the company, even without considering the environmental impact.

Considering these numbers, it is clear that digitalization and e-signatures are the best, most cost-effective solution. Digital documents make business operations simple, easy, convenient, and secure while reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

Embracing digitalization in documentation and e-signatures is essential to flourish and future-proof your business and save the environment. Countersign will help you do just that!

Why Countersign is The Best Solution To Reduce Paper Consumption

Countersign is a modern, secure, mobile-friendly e-signature service that allows individuals and businesses to securely send and receive documents, sign contracts with ease, and store them securely in the cloud, away from any physical limitations.

You can now make business deals and create and sign your documents from anywhere, anytime, without the hassle of mailing paper documents and storing them in folders and drawers.

Hop onto the digital wave and sign up for an ideal e-signature solution to reduce paper waste and save trees!

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