Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most important questions.

  • What is an e-signature?

    An e-signature is the digital equivalent of a handwritten autograph of a person. E-signatures are added to documents using software or applications on digital devices, such as desktops or smartphones. Since documents requiring e-signatures are shared online, the process of getting the signed document returned is considerably shorter than with printed and mailed documents. Any document with an e-signature can be stored digitally or printed and archived in traditional filing systems.

  • Are electronically signed documents really legally binding?

    E-signatures are 100% legally binding. In the USA, electronically signed papers are validated by the U.S. eSignature Act of 2000 (U.S. Federal Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and can be used as evidence during disputes in court.

  • How does Countersign work?

    Countersign offers a guided workflow to make preparing and signing a smooth, fast, and reliable process. The requester uploads a document to Countersign and goes through a simple step-by-step editor to add all the fields needed. During this process, the requester can add their own signature. Once the document is prepared, a notification is sent to the recipient. They will be forwarded to the Countersign application to add their e-signature in the predefined fields. When all is done, the signed document is shared among all parties involved.

  • How does a recipient sign a document?

    The recipient receives an email notification with a link to the document within the Countersign application. Following the link, the recipient can review the document and sign in the predefined fields.

  • What are templates?

    Templates within Countersign are documents created and owned by a requester and are intended for reuse. The requester can upload and prepare documents and save them as templates. Then, as the need arises, the requester can simply choose one of their templates and send it to the signer without having to redefine all the fields.

  • Are documents on Countersign secure?

    Countersign runs on secure infrastructure managed by Google. Your network connection is encrypted, your documents are encrypted at rest, and the Countersign service runs in physically secure data centers. Access to your documents is logged. View your audit trails at any time.

  • What document formats does Countersign support?

    Countersign accepts PDF, Word Doc, and image files (JPEG, PNG) as uploads. During the signing process, the document is converted into a PDF. The signed document is available as a download in the PDF format.

  • Does Countersign work on mobile devices?

    Yes, the Countersign web application is optimized to work great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes, the basic tier of Countersign is free, forever. Limitations thereof are the number of documents the requester can create per month and how many templates they can save within. Anyone in need of more documents can sign up to our monthly subscription plans. The paid plans can be canceled anytime.

  • How to contact Countersign?

    For any questions, application support, membership inquiries, please contact us at

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