Affordable e-signature solutions to improve your signing process

Jun 15, 2021

E-signature software allows users to collect signatures and distribute legally sensitive documents electronically, eradicating the need for physical documents. E-signatures can significantly improve the process of retrieving signatures, as they can be sent instantly, over any distance, and at any time to anyone where the internet is available. If you’re ready to make your signing process more efficient, here is a list of affordable e-signature solutions:


Countersign is a cloud-based, guided e-signature platform through which you can digitize your documents with ease. It makes the signing process easy and allows you to electronically sign your documents on any device. 

Countersign provides a four-step implementation process:

  1. Upload the relevant document, either by creating or grab one of your pre-defined templates.
  2. Add the signature fields, including text formats, information concerning the signing parties, order of signing, and dates.
  3. E-sign it yourself, if needed.
  4. Share the document with the signees, requesting them to review and sign the document. Signees can add their signature to the document without having to create a login or download any app — all from the comfort of their favorite browser and on their favorite digital device.

When all parties have signed, you will receive a notification with the signed document attached. And you can review all document uploaded, prepared, send and signed within Countersign, eliminating the need for your to store the documents in your own storage system.

Benefits of Countersign:

  • Paperless and hassle-free process that saves trees and time
  • Complete security through encryption
  • No need to download apps to use Countersign on your mobile
  • Easily resend documents or create templates
  • Customizable emails
  • Get notified whenever your document is updated
  • Get 5 free documents upon joining along with 3 free documents every month
  • Add your own branding to any emails (requires Elite plan)

Countersign provides you with the required tools to automate how your documents are prepared, managed, and signed. Apart from the free plan, you can opt for a Premium plan at $16 per month or an Elite plan at $30 per month. If those plans do not work for you, you can contact them and get a pricing plan tailored to your needs.

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DocuSign is a cloud-based e-signature solution for organizations of all sizes. DocuSign can work for different kinds of documents, including school agreements and business contracts. You can upload documents, email them for signatures, and control the order in which different parties should sign. Furthermore, you can use signature fields in applications, websites, and documents. The service costs $10 monthly.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is a secure cloud-based signature app that allows you to develop e-sign workflows easily, send reminders, and authenticate signatures. It also provides custom branding choices, in-person signing, templates, and form-based signing, while allowing you to sign documents on the go with mobile apps. Zoho Sign is best for medium and large-scale organizations from different sectors such as banking and real estate. Pricing begins at $12 monthly.


PandaDoc empowers sales teams to deal with workflow, speed, and insights while offering a superior buying experience. It simplifies processes and enhances efficiency by incorporating your current CRM payment and file storage apps into one workflow. You can select from various free proposal templates and change the currency and language used in documents. The collaboration feature allows teams to comment, while the integrated e-signature feature lets users sign and approve documents. Pricing starts at $19 monthly per user.


Eversign helps businesses take the digital leap through a secure and well-monitored platform. The signature solution allows users to prepare, deliver, and sign legally binding documents. Features include audit trails, in-person signing, contact management tools, and a document editor. Pricing begins at $9.99 per month but you can try the free trial version.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign allows users to manage, sign, and store forms and documents with trusted electronic signatures. Businesses can sign documents, request signatures, and process tracking from mobile devices and the web. You can sign with e-signatures on a mobile or desktop without signing up or downloading any app. Customers can also create repeatable workflows and document templates for common processes. Adobe Sign has the highest starting price on this list at $14.99 monthly.


With SignNow, users can send, sign and manage documents across different devices. Some other features include document analytics, the ability to perform audit trails and customize templates. The solution merges security with the tablet and mobile experience. At $8 per month, SignNow offers an affordable e-signature solutions.


SignEasy features an easy and fast means of sending documents for signature from a tablet, phone, or computer. The software serves to reduce contract turnaround times, close deals quicker, and enhance the customer experience. The software integrates with numerous popular business and productivity applications such as Office 365 and principal email providers like Outlook. Pricing begins at $15 monthly for a single user.


Before the emergence of electronic signatures, all documents needed to be signed, shipped, scanned, or faxed — it was a time-consuming exercise. E-signature services deliver substantial cost savings and significant process improvements. If you’re looking to find affordable e-signature solutions, the services mentioned in this list can help you get started.

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