How to choose the best e-signature solution

Mar 25, 2021

E-signatures are a necessity for business and individuals alike that hopes to grow and scale. And there are a large number of providers offering digital signature services. But with so many platforms to pick from, narrowing down the best possible e-signature solution can be daunting. Which provider can offer the services and capacities that you need to manage e-signed documents effectively? In this post, we’ll walk you through the main factors to consider—from security to design and more—and outline how to choose the best e-signature solution.

Capabilities of an e-signature solution

The best e-signature solution has broad capabilities—it allows you to create, send, sign and store documents at scale. 

When examining different providers, think about how many documents you can make, how quickly they are drawn up, and how the process works. Ideally, e-signature software should be quick to pick up and won’t take as much time to work with as paper documents. 

Ensure that you leverage the advantages of technology by choosing an e-signature solution that enables you to create documents, send and store them, and continue to use them over the years to come.

Design of an e-signature solution

The importance of good design for e-signature solutions can’t be overstated. If you send documents to clients, business partners, or lawyers, you want to make sure that e-signing your documents is simple and clear. Choose an e-signature solution with a sleek, intuitive design that is helping your work with documents. 

You want to ensure that the steps to e-sign and the formatting of the documents are clear and professional. Your client’s trust may be on the line if your e-signing process lacks good design. 

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Security measures in an e-signature solution

Security is one of the most important factors when choosing an e-signature solution. Often, you’ll be sending private personal, financial, or business information on documents for e-signing, so it’s crucial to have the utmost security

The best e-signature providers use a range of security techniques to provide back-ups and protect documents. These could include:

  • keeping a digital audit trail of all activity on a document;
  • enforcing multiple forms of identity confirmation;
  • drawing on cloud backup and advanced encryption technologies;
  • and keeping physically secure servers to protect the information in every possible way. 

Before choosing an e-signature solution, it’s best to read up on their security measures and evaluate if the actions are trustworthy. 

Ease of use of an e-signature solution

E-signatures don’t have to be complicated. The best e-signature solutions are simple to use and streamline your signature process.

Make sure the e-signature solution can be accessed on different devices. Having a solution that is also optimized to work on mobile devices enables you to keep up to date with your e-signatures, and you can send out new documents right when you need to.

Other factors that influence ease of use include how efficient and simple the process for creating documents is. Overcomplicated or overloaded solutions often lead to frustrations. Therefore, make sure the e-signature solution offers what you need with a minimum of clicks involved.

The decision is yours

Once you’ve narrowed down the most important factors an e-signature solution should have, the next step is to begin exploring, comparing, and contrasting your options.

First, the solution’s website should contain a range of information that will help you evaluate its capabilities and decide for yourself whether it works for you. Details about pricing, features, benefits, and security can be found either on the provider’s webpage or in their blog. 

If you have further questions, contact the e-signature provider to understand better what their solution can do for you. Getting in touch with their customer support may also help evaluate if their response time and attitude are what you would expect. 

Second, it’s also a great idea to start with a free trial. You can get a feel for how well the design and interface match your wishes, and you can test the software from different devices to make sure it remains effective and intuitive. 

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