Paperless contracts are safer contracts

Sep 17, 2020

Organizations around the world continue to move away from paper-based records. The United States government, for instance, set a goal to transfer documents to a digital format by the end of 2022. The government lists many reasons why paperless contracts are safer and easier to maintain. One of the main benefits of electronic documentation is that it allows customers to perform tasks, such as signing contracts, quickly and easily.

Further, maintaining physical records can be costly and time-consuming. A wasteful process that costs taxpayers and businesses millions of dollars in administrative and security fees. Therefore the government of the United States feels it is time to transition to electronic documents. If your company has not transitioned to electronic records, now is the time to make the change.

Paperless contracts, electronic signatures, and online storage is the way of the future.

Paperless contracts are still real contracts

All parties to a contract benefit from paperless documents. Like other electronic documents, they are safe, have no paper trail, require no paper to archive, and, if handled with an online solution, are available to any party online, at all times and in any location.

Contracts signed with electronic signatures are legally binding in all 50 states, Europe, and many other countries. If signed electronically, the contract is valid as long as the document itself is valid and enforceable under other contract law.

Electronic contracts are also more efficient. They allow your employees to spend less time on tasks like printing, organizing delivery services, or hunting for lost folders in a cavernous storage room and more time generating profit.

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Use Countersign to store and distribute contracts

New users to paperless contracts might be skeptical of someone altering the contract after signing. Online solutions, such as Countersign, keep track of who gets access to the documents and any the changes made by them. If anyone tries to contest a contract or its provisions, these records will be essential evidence in any future legal proceedings. These records make electronic documents safer than traditional contracts.

Countersign makes it easy for a business to send contracts to be signed. Countersign offers a simple, step by step editor to add any necessary field to the lease. Both parties to the agreement can then sign electronically. The business creating the contract can require several fields for the tenant to fill out, including name, signature, date, and initials.

Documents stored in Countersign are safe and available 24/7. It’s a fully web-based service that does not require any downloads and runs well on mobile devices.            

Paperless contracts and electronic signatures are safe

Most importantly, paperless contracts are safer than traditional ones. Countersign runs on secure infrastructure managed by Google. The network connection is encrypted, and your contracts and other documents are further encrypted at rest. Countersign’s service also runs in physically secure data centers.

As mentioned above, Countersign logs all access and change to documents, and you can always view your audit trails. The security level is often similar to banks’ systems, which are more secure than security systems protecting physical locations.  

Any office can potentially be a victim of disasters, either natural or humanmade. If your office goes up in flames, you will lose all records kept in paper. With cloud-based storage, you, your employees, and any other parties to the contract can pull up the documents from anywhere with internet access. The contracts will be kept in their secure, legally binding forms in a secure location. Allow yourself the peace of mind that your contracts and other documents are safe, even if all else fails. 

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