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Jul 21, 2021

A roommate agreement is a legally binding document that outlines how you’ll split bills, share food or items, and take care of common areas. This agreement is different from a lease contract and doesn’t include the landlord. Only you and your roommate will negotiate the contract terms and sign. Instead of relying on paper agreements, you should consider using an online e-signature solution that lets you store your roommate agreement online, for free! Below are some of the reasons to switch to online e-signatures now:

Save money and time

You’ll discover it’s cheaper and more economical since you won’t spend money on printed copies. Creating and storing an agreement online is an excellent opportunity to skip the time-consuming process of signing, printing, and storing your document. Especially younger prospects are eco-conscious and tech-savvy, making paperless documentation an easy transition.

In addition, Countersign, for example, offers a free-for-life tier that lets you upload, share, sign and store documents. Not only will you save money on printing, but you won’t have to pay for storage either.

You won’t have to negotiate over schedule either because you can both sign the agreement at your convenience. In-person meetings can be inconvenient; you and your roommate will need to find a time when you’re both free, and there’s a chance that you or your roommate might feel rushed and simply sign the agreement without reading it. 

Easy access, anywhere, anytime

There’s no need to search for a printed agreement; you can review the agreement anytime online. Accessing this information means you’ll be able to complete things quicker. Lease accessibility is particularly important if your roommate decides to move out or disregard the stipulated rules.

Any good online e-signature solution like Countersign provides a stress-free process that can be complete on desktop and mobile devices alike.

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Renew roommate agreements in a snap

Once you store and sign the rental agreement online, renewal becomes easier when the expiration date draws near. You only need to send a new copy to your roommate with the revised lease dates. This way, your roommate can review it conveniently from the moment they receive it. 

No more confusion due to lost agreements 

With conventional paperwork, two major issues exist, damage and loss. Given the importance of rental agreements, both are a huge deal for you and your roommate. However, an online agreement means that your document will be stored safely and securely online. An online agreement means that you can evaluate it from any location at any time. 

Change of roommates handled like a pro

An online roommate agreement will come in handy when you change roommates. If this is the case, you won’t have to worry about drafting a new agreement whenever you find a new roommate. You can simply access the previously stored agreements within Countersign and resend it to the new prospects. Regardless of the number of times you change roommates, you can relax knowing that a template is in place for filling. 

No need for storage

No more storing the paper agreement in some folder or the bottom drawer of the old desk. You can simply pull up the agreement stored online. You can still print out a copy if there is ever a need, but it’s easier to keep it online with any time/anywhere access to the file.


A roommate agreement might seem like an unnecessary formality for something that typically isn’t that formal. After all, people reside together without a written contract between them all the time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; the rental agreement is a way to protect both parties who decide to share a living space. And with an online e-signature solution like Countersign, neither the signing process nor the storage will be a hassle at all.

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