Papers are for grading, not signing: eSignature for Education

Feb 28, 2024

“Papers” are ubiquitous in schools and classrooms, both literally and figuratively. Educators and staff deal with paper every day, in classwork and grading, as well as in administrative tasks. However, as anyone in the education sector knows, paperwork is the least exciting part of the job.

The good news? Less paper is possible. eSignature providers offer secure, centralized platforms to manage any and all documents that need signing, either by people external to the organization (like parents, guardians, contractors, etc.) or by employees. These powerful tools allow you to send documents, track their status, receive signatures/completed docs, and even provide you with an audit trail so you can see which IP address and timestamp are associated with which signing-related event in chronological order. Full transparency, minus the hassle.  

Let’s explore the benefits of eSignatures on digital documents and how they can revolutionize your school’s document management.

Collect External Signatures with No Effort

Centralized file management — without hands-on administration. From consent forms for a field trip, to service agreements with contractors, waivers, IEP forms, 501 plans, and any other documents with a third party, using digital documents to collect eSignatures allows you to keep things in one place. For administrators, this means that you can manage who in your organization has access to which files without having to scan, copy, email, and the like. Moreover, no need to keep checking the mailbox or calling to remind — simply log in to check each document’s status and send a reminder if need be.

Templates, templates, templates — skip the busywork. If you’re a teacher, odds are, you don’t want to spend time crafting a document with just-the-right language that is as plainly readable to parents as it is compliant to your school’s legal department. Save time (and skip the stress) by making templates easily reusable across your school, so that all you have to do is fill in the handful of fields related to the specifics of your activity.

Sharing without a contact book — links and QR codes. When you’re done editing your form, collecting parents’ email addresses from your students won’t be necessary: simply provide them with a shareable link and/or QR code, and they can pass that on to their parents. When the documents are signed, you’ll receive a copy by email and will have it neatly organized in your eSignature platform.

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Collaborate with Your Team at the Speed of Light

Paperwork on the go. Need someone at your educational institution to fill something out? You don’t have to track them down in their office hours or hope to cross paths in the teachers’ lounge, because your ability to get the job done shouldn’t be tied to your team members’ time spent seated in front of a computer screen. Simply (1) upload a file, (2) share it with a team member, and (3) have it complete instantly. It’s so simple that it doesn’t require a computer or even an app — all you need is a browser with an internet connection.

Last, but not Least: Record-Keeping

Extra layer of protection. Digital documents with eSignatures have audit trails, the electronic version of paper trails. Modern eSignature platforms keep track of important document events which are usually not tracked on paper, complete with IP addresses, geolocation, and timestamps, among other things, meaning that you have an additional layer of records to rely on in case a dispute arises. Protect your team, without the hand cramp of writing!

Embracing the Digital Future of Education

As the education sector evolves in the digital era, integrating digital documents and eSignatures becomes crucial for making work easier, faster, and less tedious for everyone. Educators and admin staff deserve a break — help yourself by doing less! Digital documents offer a user-friendly solution that simplifies document management, enabling educators, administrators, and students to adapt seamlessly to the digital future of education. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and embrace the transformative power of digital documents that streamline your educational journey.


The future of education is digital. If you haven’t already, explore the platform and try eSigning your first document to ensure that your school stays successful in the years to come. Pick an online eSignature solution that works for you and discover the benefits for yourself.

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