Save time & money with e-signatures

Jul 07, 2021

When using pen & paper to get contracts and agreements signed, the process can take between a few hours and a few days, depending on how complex the document is and how far apart the signing parties are. You’ll probably spend tedious hours printing documents and gathering signatures, resulting in administrative costs for paper, ink, postage, or even courier services. But it doesn’t have to be this way; online e-signature solutions like Countersign can make the singing process more efficient in every way. With these clever apps, you can collect legally binding signatures in minutes at a very low cost. Here are some of the ways you can save time and money with e-signatures.

E-signatures help save time 

Are you still following the conventional way of printing, scanning, and signing paper documents? Then you’re probably familiar with delays and even cancellations of a significant deal. Don’t waste your time and your opportunities. E-signatures can get the deal sealed while it’s still fresh!

Accelerate the process

On average, an employee spends up to 20 minutes just printing a document. Scanning a paper document and sending it via email for signing could take up even more time. If you’re signing with an online e-signature app, the entire process can be done in seconds. With e-signatures, you can speed up the process and reclaim hours each week. 

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Close deals quicker

E-signatures allow you to accelerate your sales cycle and increase transactions. You can sign documents in real-time, say while you are on the phone with a sales representative or client. Not only do e-signatures decrease your average signing time, but they also boost closed sale rates by over 5%.

Get paid faster

Bigger companies need numerous signatories for contracts that generate new income streams. This process can be streamlined if businesses accept electronic signatures from all parties. With e-signatures, companies can process invoices and verify payments faster. 

Maximize templates

Creating a new document from scratch is time-consuming. With document automation, it’s possible to produce a template that you can tweak per client. All you need to do is fill in the blanks. You might store a document in a data management system before it becomes part of your workflow. Any document can be repurposed for each new transaction with just a few clicks.

Hold fewer meetings

Instead of holding formal meetings to get everybody’s signature, you can email the document for all parties to sign digitally. This way, you’ll have that approval without the need to leave your desk. The best part? You can get your documents signed simultaneously across multiple time zones. This cuts back on the waiting time.

E-signatures save money

No more office supplies 

Aside from paper, the traditional way requires envelopes, folders, pens, ink, and filing supplies. You need to invest in equipment like a photocopier, shredder, and digital scanner. Equipment maintenance and repair should also be part of your budget. Eliminate all these expenses with electronic transactions. You’ll never have to fax, scan, or print documents for signatures. Every cent spent on printing could be diverted to more fruitful tasks. 

Reduce storage costs

You can’t toss legal documents as you may need them for future reference. Keep in mind that these printed documents take up plenty of space. Instead of storing paperwork in shelves or filing cabinets, share them in the cloud instead. You can either scan and store paper documents or use e-signatures from the get-go.

Save on mailing and courier fees

Since you no longer have to send legal documents via mail, you’ll save on stamps and delivery fees. Every document is available right where they are within the online e-signature solution.  

Other benefits of e-signatures 

Fewer mistakes

When dealing with numerous documents, it’s easy to make errors. People might sign in the wrong place or on the wrong page. This would mean spending time reviewing and correcting those documents. E-signature solutions guide signees throughout the singing process, letting them fill in the pre-defined blanks. And for those who keep writing the wrong year, no worries, the app will automatically fill in dates and names as the document is signed.

No more lost documents

There’s always the chance that documents could end up misplaced, especially if you are mailing them overseas. You’ll end up frustrated and stressed at the wasted time. The centralized storage of online e-signature solutions put an end to lost documents. You can access documents anywhere, and rest assured that they are safely and securely stored within the most advanced cloud storage systems

Mobile access 

Mobile devices are a way of life. This means clients may prefer to complete transactions with their smartphones. The best online e-signature solutions are mobile optimized and let you create and sign documents on any device. 

Less effort, more comfort 

Digital signatures come in handy in industries that have a high volume of documents. These include real estate, sales, and banking. They are also ideal for documents that require confidentiality, say medical and legal files. It’s easier to steal a paper document than hack into a secure system.

Get your e-signature workflow

Digital signatures allow companies to generate, process, and store documents in the cloud — no need to waste money and time on laborious processes. Streamlined workflows help enhance the relationship with your customers. After all, you get things done faster and better with apps like Countersign. Electronic signatures are affordable game-changers for businesses and individuals — it’s undeniable that you will save money and time with e-signatures.  

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