Streamlining Patient Paperwork Online

Mar 13, 2024

When patient paperwork is time-consuming, it costs your practice money. That’s where signature services like Countersign come in. By going digital, you can reduce the time in the waiting room, eliminate confusion, and process all the documents in one place in an easy-to-share format, so there’s no hassle of dealing with paper, printers, ink cartridges, and potentially misplaced files.

Reduce The Amount of Paperwork and Confusion for Onboarding Patients

With eSignatures, you can now leave notes about where to find information or what to put in the fields that require filling, reducing the time patients spend filling out documents. eSignatures can also reduce the number of questions your staff answers over and over so they can focus on their tasks and not on data entry. A once tedious process is now a seamless patient experience.

Configure and annotate

eSignatures allow medical practices to insert “smart” fields (like date signed) and create annotations, which are notes and messages for the patient, overlayed on the paperwork. These annotations guide patients through each step, highlighting where to find important information and how to fill out the forms correctly. This approach reduces confusion and speeds up the process, for a more streamlined experience.

Guide the patient

With medical eSignatures, there’s no more calling patients after the visit to clarify an illegible phrase or something written in the wrong place. It is an avoidable pain that can be easily prevented by presenting patients with a digital file where the only fields they can fill in are pre-selected and designed by your practice (like their name, phone number, SSN, etc.). This makes sure that everyone is putting the correct information in the right place without requiring someone from your practice to guide them through the process.

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Sample Forms and How eSignature Platforms Enhance Them

  1. Patient Intake Form:
    • Highlight and mark the key sections as required, ensuring no crucial information is missed.
  2. Insurance Documentation:
    • Facilitate access to documents required by patients’ insurance providers through a centralized channel, simplifying the file delivery process.
  3. Medical Consent Forms:
    • Easy-to-understand annotations clarify consent terms, ensuring informed decisions.
  4. Transferring Documents:
    • Countersign facilitates seamless document transfers between offices with managed teams, making the process transparent and straightforward.

Transform paperwork into the simplest task on your to-do list! Your eSignature tool should minimize user error, so you don’t spend time correcting patients’ mistakes. And designing documents for completion should be a task measured in minutes, not hours. If your provider checks these boxes, they’re right for you. Not sure where to start? We (humbly) recommend Countersign: try it out.

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