Closing real estate deals online with Countersign – a case study

Jun 09, 2021

This article was written by a real estate agent. They share their experience on how an online e-signature solution like Countersign can help with closing real estate deals online.

Real estate deals can be a confusing process for buyers and sellers alike. It gets even more complicated when both parties can not meet in person. Thanks to online e-signature services like Countersign, it’s now possible to close real estate deals online. Using e-signatures makes life simpler for property buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike. This way, you can document, upload, and get approval on contracts remotely. What would this look like in practice? I’ve broken the process down for you below. 

Using Countersign to close property deals

Working as a real estate agent is exciting. I get to meet new people and visit new locations every day. But closing deals is always a new challenging task to get through.

The initial stages would usually go smoothly. It’s all fine when researching listings, showing properties, and negotiating terms. However, the real struggle starts when it comes down to the final transaction: closing the deal!

What’s the holdup?

With tracking and processing all that paperwork, my old process went like this:

  • Sending the final contract to all parties via snail mail, courier, or email.
  • If sent through email, the signatories had to print out all of the pages in the document.
  • Then they had to sign each page of the contract by hand. If you’re a real estate agent like me, then you can imagine signing a 20-page document.
  • After signing, all my clients had to send the documents back to me. Contracts sent via email had to be scanned page by page and uploaded as a file.
  • If there were any changes, the entire process had to be repeated from scratch. 

The sheer volume of emails and mailings was mind-boggling. All that back-and-forth was time-consuming. It also increased the chances of missing a key detail or making a mistake during revisions. As a result, deals would fall through because of the delay in getting contracts signed.

Countersign to the rescue

Good thing a client suggested I switch to an online system. Using this new system, it has been easy to get everything done in less than half the time. Closing real estate deals online can help bridge any distance and any time between you and your potential buyer.

  • It was easy to get started with a free Countersign account
  • Using their template feature, drafting new contracts is done in no time. I can reuse the template by saving them in the app itself.
  • It’s a snap to email the final document to all the signatories. I am no longer required to send paperwork by courier.
  • There is no need to print out the contract and sign each page manually. 
  • By the end of the day, all the parties have affixed their e-signatures to the documents and sent them back to me.
  • Making revisions is much faster and simpler.

It seemed intimidating at first, but I discovered using e-signatures to be the game-changer. What used to take days now only took a few hours. I was also able to expand my client base to buyers and sellers from other cities. There was no need to meet them face to face to close the deal.

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Make your life easier with Countersign

Say goodbye to convoluted processes and mountains of paperwork. The service is cloud-based, so all documents are saved online and take up less space on your device. You can check your documents on the go using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The files are accessible 24/7. 

Countersign supports PDF and Word documents as well as image uploads. This makes it easy to access and edit content. You also save both time and money since you no longer have to print or mail physical documents. The best part? Everyone is happy since property deals are finalized quickly.  

But what about security?

Security is not an issue, thanks to Countersign’s document encryption and secure data centers. Your contracts and client data are all safe in this Google-managed infrastructure. The system knows whenever files are opened, altered, and signed. It monitors, tracks and stores everything for you.  

Worried about identity theft? Users do not need to give sensitive information when signing a document, so that is another thing off your mind.

Benefits of using countersign

  • Templates for documents
  • Fast and accurate transactions
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Encrypted network and documents
  • Compatible with most browsers and devices
  • Supports several file types 


These days, people can do everything remotely, even buying property. If you’re a real estate agent, then organizing documents is a key part of your work. You need to manage multiple clients and handle their paperwork with ease try out Countersign. I can promise you will never want to turn back to traditional, paper contracts anymore when closing your real estate deals.

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