E-signatures are made for wedding planners

Oct 31, 2022

From finalizing venues to coordinating with caterers and vendors, a wedding planner has to juggle numerous tasks to bring a couple’s perfect day to life. Wedding planners must be consistent, detail-oriented, and highly organized. 

However, given how many documents and contracts need to be reviewed and signed, being organized can get difficult. You need a quick and efficient system to help you do your job.

This is where online e-signature services like Countersign comes into the picture! Let’s look at how digital resources can make a wedding planner’s business more effective and create room for growth.

Say yes to electronic signatures

As a wedding planner, you often have piles of drafts, proposals, and contracts to work with. And you also need these documents readily available when meeting your clients and venue owners. 

Managing your contracts with e-signatures can offer you control and flexibility over your official “paperwork.” From the initial draft, sending the contracts, to getting them digitally signed — you can do so on the run, without using paper, chasing after a printer, or waiting for couriers to deliver the documents. 

Here are some of the many reasons why e-signature services like Countersign should be part of your work process.

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Manage time-sensitive documents in real-time 

Printing your contracts, editing them, re-printing them, and finally signing them wastes your time and effort. You also have to deliver them to your clients and wait for them to acknowledge, sign, and send them back. This cycle can be exhausting, long, and frustrating to complete. 

With Countersign, you can get your client and vendor contracts signed in minutes.

Create your document and email it to the other party for them to sign and automatically send it back to you. That’s it! What better way to get deals closed? 

Get organized without any hassle

Once you use e-signature services, you no longer need to lug around papers, folders, envelopes, and pens. All you need is your laptop, tablet, or your phone! You can sign your contracts, process payments to your suppliers, and send all the necessary e-signed documents using just your device running your favorite browser.

Not only is time on your side, but you also have all your necessary documentation on a single online account, thus increasing your overall efficiency as a wedding planner.

Access all important documents with a single tap

All good online e-signature services, like Countersign, let you prepare for any occasion by creating templates and organizing all your contracts.

You can prepare all the contracts for your suppliers and clients and store these templates in your account. Then, when the need arises, you can easily access these saved templates and re-use them anytime, anywhere for your future clients. Edit them as needed and send them to the other party to get them signed. This simple feature helps you save time, resources, and effort.

This also comes in handy when miscommunications and clarifications are needed because you can check all your previously signed contracts that were saved on your Countersign account. And yes, all your files are securely saved in the cloud and available to you anytime on any device.

Why use Countersign?

Countersign is one of the most convenient and effective e-signature services that you can use to expedite your work. 

Countersign offers features that aim to make your life easier:

  • Efficiently juggle planning for multiple weddings or a large wedding venue since you can access all the necessary contracts on one digital platform. 
  • Save templates and make edits in real time by adding custom fields based on the specific requirements of every new contract. 
  • Clients can open contracts on their laptops or mobiles, and they don’t even need to log in to Countersign. 
  • Countersign reduces paper waste significantly while also helping you become more organized. 
  • Countersign offers a “free forever” tier that can help you get started. 

In addition, Countersign features powerful security measures to ensure that all your confidential documents remain secure and confidential. It is an affordable digital solution that will become indispensable to all your workflows.

Final thoughts

Wedding planning is a labor of love, but it doesn’t have to feel laborious. Online e-signature services like Countersign can help you plan stunning events with minimal hassle. 

No more dealing with mountains of paperwork and documents — Countersign is an all-in-one platform that provides you with just the right resources that can simplify your paperwork, allowing you to be more productive and efficient. 

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