How to manage your venue contracts with Countersign

Aug 09, 2022

For event planners and coordinators, finding and securing a venue contract can often be a race against time. And once you find that perfect place and get the nod from your clients, you need to make sure you have all the necessary documents, including the venue contract, handy and ready to be signed.

But when managing a venue, keeping track of all the documents and files can be a real hassle. You don’t want to keep going back to your office to get the contract printed and signed. Venue contracts often have a time constraint and need to be agreed on and signed in a matter of minutes.

This is where Countersign comes in. Let’s look at how this online e-signature solution can help you get your work done conveniently and in less time. 

Seamlessly manage your venue contracts 

When you’re securing a venue for your client, there’s quite a bit of paperwork to deal with. Countersign offers you a paperless, cost-effective, and reliable way to manage your venue contracts with ease. 

With Countersign, you can gather all the needed signatures without printing, manually signing, or mailing the contracts. Managing your venue contracts becomes more accessible, faster, and requires less effort from you and all the signatories involved. 

Here are some more benefits of using Countersign to manage your venue contracts:

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#1. Easy collaboration and storage

Imagine managing different events in different venues in a given week, and of course, for each of these events, you need to have your venue contract signed at the earliest possible time. After sending all these contracts through the mail, you can wait until the other party finds the time to review, sign, and send the papers back. Without a duly signed venue contract, all your other work concerning the venue can also get stalled. This is a loss of precious time! 

With Countersign, you can send the contract digitally via email and include placeholders to indicate where the other party needs to affix their signature. Your client can access the contract on their mobile and sign it electronically immediately. Once all parties have added their signatures, Countersign will automatically send the completed contract to everyone involved.

No more following up on contracts and worrying about them getting lost when sent via courier. All your contacts can be found in your account, which you can access anytime, anywhere, using your phone or desktop computer!

#2. Convenient templates 

Countersign template feature allows you to set up contracts you often use as templates. Once the template is ready, you can re-use it, make the necessary adjustments per your new contract requirements, and send it to the other parties in no time.

You don’t need to start from scratch and create a draft because you already have the document ready to use. With a template, you will only need to update the names of the parties involved, the venue information, event dates, and other pertinent information. The process of signing the contract and sending it to the property owners or liaison officers becomes much faster.

#3. Make instant modifications in real time

Do you need to move the time or date of the event? Countersign allows you to make changes to your contract instantly, so you can get it approved and signed in real-time

Once you confirm the venue’s availability and verify the date and time with your client, you can easily modify this information on Countersign and inform all parties involved about the updated contract.

You will no longer have to rush back to your office to edit the contract, get it printed, and track down the signatories. With Countersign, you can complete the entire process online in a matter of minutes and have an updated binding agreement!

Countersign lets you communicate with your clients faster and more conveniently, offering them real-time updates when needed. With this digital tool, you can create, update, and safely secure a venue contract in just a few minutes. 


Managing your venue contracts with Countersign is the way forward if you want to make your job easier and more efficient. This e-signature service opens up plenty of opportunities for positive growth and innovation and allows you to work smarter and faster.

Say goodbye to a messy desk full of papers and focus on providing your clients with the best service and your undivided attention. 

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