Things to love about Countersign e-signature, according to start-ups

Jul 01, 2022

Signing electronically has become the new normal, with many business transactions done digitally out of necessity and convenience. Gone are the days when signing documents meant physically inking contracts and paperwork with a pen.

E-signatures are indispensable for closing deals, signing agreements, and certifying documents with your name. Companies can do it in a few clicks through electronic signatures. This is especially true for new and upcoming start-ups that have to deal with several documents and need to have them signed and stored in an instance. Luckily online e-signature solutions like Countersign are made to accelerate this process.

E-signatures with Countersign are start-up friendly

All companies, especially start-ups, require ease in doing business. The simpler the process, the better. Expediency is the key to winning over clients or getting important decisions done effectively. If the process is too complex, your clients or potential business partners could take their business elsewhere to get a better experience.

People are busy and don’t want to be burdened with downloading, printing, signing, scanning, sending, and filing documents. Your business and your clients will benefit from digital solutions that are easy to access, with little to no hassle.

While many e-signature applications offer similar services, there is one that provides ingenious simplicity that rises above the pack. Start-ups love when a system minimizes steps and makes the whole process a breeze; this is why many new entrepreneurs and business entrants use Countersign.

This online e-signature solution allows users to create a document, add fields for signing, send it out, track it, and save the signed file via the cloud — all in one place, on mobile and desktop devices alike. It is an excellent fit for the dynamic nature of start-ups: constantly building, measuring, and learning.

There is a lot to love about the online e-signature solution Countersign:

1. Countersign is adaptable

Countersign offers a mobile- and desktop-friendly e-signature system. When using your desktop computer or laptop, simply open Countersign in your browser, and you’re good to go.

Clients don’t need to log in or download an app, either. Once the document is completed, it is sent to all signing parties via email, and a copy is stored within Countersign’s secure filing system. Account holders can therefore access, review and reuse all their documents at all times.

Countersign Feature - Any Device
Access Countersign on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with your favorite browser — without any software downloads or limitations.

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2. Countersign is intuitive

Countersign has an intuitive interface that even kids can use. Its features are designed with ease and efficiency in mind, so users can get things done without having to deal with complex processes.

Every element is straightforward — even non-techies love it!

Countersign Feature - Simple Flow
Countersign’s workflow has been optimized to make creating, sending, signing, and managing your documents a breeze.

3. Countersign saves time

Start-ups are typically lean and do not have the time and dedicated staff to do a whole gamut of paperwork. Countersign makes it easy to prepare, deliver, monitor and file signed documents online efficiently. And even though the documents can live entirely digitally, they can easily be printed and filed traditionally if company policy requires it.

You can also create and save templates for documents you use often. This way, you do not have to redo them from scratch every time. This is another excellent feature that start-ups can take advantage of. You can spend your time, energy, and resources on more critical start-up concerns like brainstorming, research, marketing, and other entrepreneurial work that will grow and scale your business.

Countersign Feature - Templates
With templates, you’ll never have to set up a document twice. Just grab it, add the signees’ information and send.

4. Countersign is safe

Countersign does not require clients to provide any personal information. They simply need to open the linked document via email and sign it.

The service runs on secure infrastructure and physical data centers. Users’ network connection is encrypted, and all documents are encrypted at rest. Access to your documents is automatically logged, and you can view audit trails anytime. With all these layers of security, you need not worry about compromised data.

Countersign Feature - Audit Trail
Countersign will keep track of where you’re document has been and offers a document validation so you can check if your PDF was manipulated.

5. Countersign is affordable

Countersign allows users to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget. You may select the FREE starter package that lets you send three documents per month and create one template free of charge.

Other cost-friendly plans include $16/month and $30/month that offer value-for-money benefits.

  • Community
  • $0 /mo
  • For anyone starting off — secure, fast and free forever
  • Unlimited self signing
  • Send 3 document requests per month for free
  • Create 1 template for free
  • Securely saved in the cloud
  • Unlimited
  • $16 /mo
  • For small businesses with a steady flow of contracts
  • Unlimited self signing
  • Unlimited documents request
  • Unlimited templates
  • Template sharing
  • Securely saved in the cloud
  • Unlimited Pro
  • $30 /mo
  • For corporation with larger teams or branding requirements
  • Unlimited Plan plus
  • Branding – your company’s logo and colors
  • Team accounts

Signed, sealed, delivered

Businesses, especially start-ups, need to make the most of their resources: time, money, and energy. One way to do this is by freeing up their hours by automating routine tasks such as document preparation.

Countersign was created to help you do just that so you can focus on growing your business, one closed deal at a time, online.

Countersign is the best choice

Start-ups need tools that will maximize resources and steer the business forward. Document preparation may seem tedious, but it is a critical part of your business process that must be optimized.

In fast-paced and constantly evolving industries, technology is imperative to streamline processes and speed up transactions. Let Countersign be your partner and see your documents turn into done deals efficiently.

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