The security of your documents is our highest priority.

We know how important your business information and data are, especially because of the sensitivity of private data captured on legal documents. This is why we use the strongest security infrastructure to keep your information safe and private.

Countersign runs on secure technology managed by Google Cloud. This means that your data, the documents you process with us, and any templates you save are all securely stored using the same reliable security protocols that Google uses, and your information is protected using Google’s stringent security measures. 

Privacy and security are at the forefront of our service. Your network connection to Countersign is encrypted, your uploaded documents are encrypted at rest, and the Countersign service runs in physically secure data centers.

  • Countersign never has access to your payment card data.

  • Countersign doesn’t store your login password.

  • Countersign restricts access to your documents to only you and your chosen signatories. All access to the documents you send out for signature is tracked and recorded and you can view audit trails for your created documents at any time. 

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