Stay in control of your contracts with e-signatures

Oct 22, 2020

Sharing documents digitally has become a standard in today’s society. Whether for personal or professional tasks, you’re likely to create, send, share, and modify files online, adding speed and ease to the paperwork in your life. But for legal contracts, are you taking advantage of the best solutions available? While you may be already working on and completing contracts electronically, if you’re not using encrypted e-signatures, you’re missing out on a host of advantages. We’ll help you to take full control of your contracts with e-signatures.

Paper and unsecured electronic signatures don’t measure up

Signing legal contracts is not just about getting the right signature on the dotted line. Contracts contain sensitive information not intended for everyone to see and are often time-sensitive. Online e-signature services like Countersign make signing digital contracts a simple, secure, and consistent process.

Secure e-signature platforms allow you to not only speed up contract completion but also provide crucial documentation that helps legitimize and optimize your contract signing process. 

Down the line, you also want to ensure that you have an accessible way to manage and reference signed contracts. In those respects, e-signatures services by far outshine paper contracts’ inefficiency and the unreliable nature of unencrypted electronic signatures. E-signatures services like Countersign offer four key advantages that help you maintain long-term control of your legal contracts:

  • Secure signing and document delivery backed by Google-managed encryptions
  • Visibility with straightforward contract management and always-accessible audit trails
  • User-friendly contract creation, signing features, and contract templates to make the signing process efficient and adaptable 
  • Transparent pricing that’s easy to match and adjust to your needs

Privacy and security

Each document sent over an online e-signature service like Countersign is protected with privacy and security that unsecured documents can’t match. The documents and recipients’ connection to the platform are protected by a secure connection managed by Google that encrypts and logs all contract interactions.  

With the enaction of the E-Sign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in 2000, U.S. contracts signed electronically are as legally binding as those signed on paper, providing a few conditions are met:

  • All contract parties have shown clear intent to sign and have agreed to do so electronically.
  • The online e-signature platform uses a secure infrastructure to capture signatures.
  • Reliable records are maintained and accessible for everyone involved.

Similar legislation exists in Canada, Europe, and other areas of the world, making electronically signed documents an accepted way to enhance the ease and efficiency of contract signing worldwide. 

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Visibility and accessibility

With online e-signature services like Countersign, you have the peace of mind that every contract you send meets the above requirements. You can be sure that your documents are delivered with disclosures and instructions that meet your specific needs using a customizable notification email.

Countersign provides you with access to permanent audit trails. Each time a document you send out is signed, your recipients receive an email with a link to an encrypted page where the IP address, date, and time of all signatures and changes to your documents are logged. 

Your account also provides you with a quick summary of the status of all your contracts, whether they’re still in drafts, are awaiting signatures, or are already signed.

Efficiency and adaptability

With Countersign’s user-friendly tools, modifying and sending out contracts using templates is a simple 5-step process. Once you’ve uploaded a new document, you can quickly designate who needs to sign and where they need to sign. Then, all that’s left is drafting your notification email and saving the template for future use.

You can send the template out to signees’ email addresses right away or wait until it’s needed. Each time you need to use a previous template, you can renew a previous contract or adjust the form fields and send them out to new parties. And, since signing documents with Countersign is supported on a variety of devices and doesn’t require account creation, the signing process is simple and easy for recipients of all technical abilities.

Transparent and scalable pricing

New Countersign users can immediately start sending contracts without spending any money using the free tier, which allows you to:

  • Send your first 5 documents for free
  • Save one template to your account
  • Send 3 more documents for free each month

Once you’ve taken advantage of the free tier, updating your plan to match your contract flow is simple. Whether you’re a new business owner looking for a reliable way to sign new contracts or an established freelancer that has a consistent load of contracts to manage, Countersign has a tier that will match your needs. The no-obligation monthly plans are simple to scale up or down whenever you want.

Countersign makes using e-signatures simple, efficient, and secure, with plans scaled to match a variety of needs. Stay in control of your contracts with e-signatures—sign up and send your first 10 contracts for free, and you’ll see how easy the process is.

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