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Oct 10, 2022

Consent forms are a necessary part of various industries, with tasks depending on how fast these documents are processed and signed. 

But what exactly is a consent form? A consent form is a legal document that serves as written permission to acquire data, send and receive information, or perform specific actions. A consent form is sometimes also called “authorization” or “disclosure,” which summarizes the form’s purpose.

Consent forms should be signed as soon as possible. Using an e-signature service like Countersign can thus be highly beneficial for speeding up the entire process safely and conveniently. 

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Who Needs a Consent Form?

A consent form can be necessary for different industries; some examples are listed below.

1. Companies Hiring New Personnel

The hiring process is not infallible. Sometimes, you get a bad hire, and the company would’ve already wasted money before the transgressions are discovered. In most cases, this could have been avoided had there been a background check. 

The company may also be liable for negligent hiring if the bad hire was involved in misconduct or illegal activities, resulting in the company facing punitive damages. 

This is why investing in pre-employment background checks is a good idea. However, employers need the applicant to sign a consent form before the background check can proceed. 

2. Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, managing forms digitally can improve the paperwork in many ways. For example, in the case of medical procedures, informed consent is necessary. 

To go through a medical procedure, a doctor or another healthcare professional will explain the medical process to a patient. Diagnosis of the patient’s condition will be discussed, along with the benefits and risks of a specific medical procedure. The patient needs to provide consent for their medical procedure based on the information they received. 

Or, in the case of an online session with a psychiatrist, also known as telemedicine, a consent form may be used to make sure the client understands certain limitations a medical consultation over a phone or video chat could retain and to make the patient more comfortable with the process.

3. Finance

There are many reasons for using a consent form in finance. Generally, the consent form authorizes one party to collect fees or money from the other party, such as for loans or brokerage.

4. Law

All informed consents are technically legal documents, but there are also consent forms specific to a legal setting. For example, a consent form may authorize one person to handle another person’s affairs. 

Several other industries use consent forms, from technology to business management. A consent form is essential in drawing the line between what is and isn’t permitted.

Get Consent Forms Signed And Returned With Countersign
If for a job interview or a telemedicine procedure, the fastest way to send, sign and share a consent form is with a digital copy through a online e-signature solution like Countersign.

Use Countersign To Get Consent Forms Signed and Returned

Countersign can improve the processing of consent forms in various fields. It offers convenient features that simplify the process every step of the way.

1. Template Creation

You can create a template of the consent form in Countersign. This allows you to reuse the template whenever you need to send it to different parties. The form will be ready to use whenever you need it.

2. Personalize the Form

You can easily edit the template by adding the party’s name and other specific information. You can also add custom fields and boxes if they need to check off any other parts of the consent form. 

3. Send the Form

A major advantage of Countersign is that the other party doesn’t need a Countersign account to sign the form. They can also sign the form on any device — they can draw their signature on a desktop or laptop, or use any mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. 

4. Get the Signed Form

As soon as the party signs the form, it is automatically returned to you, and you can move forward with the task at hand. Meanwhile, the signed form is saved in your digital filing system for future reference. 

Countersign Makes Getting Consent Fast and Convenient

Creating a consent form and getting it signed by all parties involved can be time-consuming as you will need to print the forms, request a manual signature, wait to receive them, sign yourself, and send them back or make photocopies for everyone. This could hamper the acceleration of consent processing. 

Countersign can reduce the entire process to a matter of just a few minutes! 

With Countersign, you only need to make one draft and save it for future use with just minor editing. There is no need for excess paperwork, as the files in Countersign are ready to be sent, signed, and shared through the internet. 

Countersign’s online e-signature solution helps streamline the process, offering an efficient way to accomplish consent in less time and with no hassle. 

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