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Mar 17, 2021

More and more companies have been adopting a brand ambassador strategy. In the past, celebrity endorsements were the way of brand ambassadors. Nowadays, social media’s prevalence makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to attract new customers through smaller, distributed brand ambassador programs. Whether a clothing company seeking ambassadors to wear their inventory on Instagram or an electronics business utilizing social media figures to show off their gadgets, a brand ambassador program is an increasingly important part of any company’s marketing strategy. To make these connections swiftly and have the brand ambassadors advertise the brand immediately, an online e-signature solution can help to get any paperwork ready and done in no time.

Getting contracts done with brand ambassadors

Before launching a brand ambassador program, it’s important to consider a key aspect that is not discussed often: the nuts and bolts of contracting with brand ambassadors.

No matter how organic or casual social media coverage appears, when you enter into a brand ambassador relationship, you are making a business deal. Brand ambassadors can create excellent investment returns for your business as they share with their followers the features they love best or the products they’re enjoying. But you should also make sure you stay legally in the clear by drawing up a contract beforehand. 

Many businesses know that it’s a smart strategy to employ as many great brand ambassadors as possible—it’s a powerful way to extend brand name recognition and generate new business. But when companies work with dozens or even hundreds of brand ambassadors worldwide, the paperwork required for each contract rapidly adds up. Worse, the manual signing process for contracts adds unnecessary time and opportunity costs to your operations. Fortunately, e-signatures can make this more efficient.

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Benefits of using e-signatures for brand ambassador contracts

A better solution is to take advantage of electronic signatures to turn signing contracts from a lengthy process into a quick and easy workflow. Below are some of the advantages of e-signatures in the context of a brand ambassador program. 

1. Get exposure faster

A manual contract signing process would require you to email or snail-mail a contract to each brand ambassador, wait for them to sign and send back, and then file for record-keeping, often both physically (printing and storing a copy) and digitally (scanning and sorting a copy). This is a multi-step process that can eat up time, costs, and energy.

By contrast, e-signature platforms like Countersign allow you to send a digital contract in seconds, receive a fast, secure signature from your new brand ambassador, and achieve automatic storage on the cloud—at any time and even on the go from mobile devices.

2. Work with digital natives

If you’re running a brand ambassador program, you probably already know that your ambassadors are digitally savvy, used to social media, and accustomed to fast, online processes. You can meet your ambassadors where they are and make them feel appreciated by streamlining and digitizing the electronic signature and contracting process.  

3. Easier to organize

As you grow and expand your brand ambassador program, it’s important to keep clear, well-organized records of each relationship and contract. With Countersign, you can create an automatic and cloud-based audit trail that is simple to access. This makes filing, organizing, and storage simpler and will facilitate faster growth for your program.

4. Use templates

You can also take advantage of Countersign’s template feature to store a centralized brand ambassador contract. Rather than reprinting a physical copy or sorting through computer folders for the specific document yet again, you can use templates to send a contract to each new brand ambassador. This simple, iterative, and wholly digital process makes growing your program that much faster and easier. 

Brand ambassadors and e-signatures as digital partners

Growing your business and expanding your brand name reach through a brand ambassador program is a smart and savvy way to make new moves in your company. With such a logistically complex and digitally focused task on your hand, it makes sense to use e-signature software to smooth out the process and allow you to expand the program faster.

With an e-signature solution, you’ll make the experience better for your ambassadors, be able to work with more individuals in a shorter time period, and ultimately spread your products and brand name to a greater target audience. 

Are you launching a brand ambassador program for your business? At Countersign, we’d be happy to talk with you about the specific ways that centralized e-signature solutions can help. Contact us or visit our website to learn more and start a conversation today. 

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