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Dec 08, 2022

In the field of sales, speed is imperative. Unfortunately, the physical contract process is one delay that sales entrepreneurs and representatives encounter.

Your client is ready to sign the contract now, but you only have a soft copy, and your organization requires a hard copy of the document. Between now and when you have your copies ready to be signed, your client may have gone to a competitor or experienced a change of heart. When sales teams ask the clients to wait up to three days for contracts to be finalized and signed, it is a waste of time, money, and, most of all, opportunity.

Speed is your ally, and e-signatures are your new BFF. Close out more deals and meet your quote faster and with less effort. 

Incorporate e-signatures in closing your sales deals

Contract management and sales processing can be an easier, more seamless experience once you get an online e-signature solution like Countersign for your document handling.

It follows a simple process where you can create your sales documents ahead of time, prepare the custom fields and spaces for e-signatures, and send it to all parties involved in your sales transaction.

It can also improve your sales teams’ performance and productivity and reduce the time intended for admin tasks.

If you are still not convinced, here are the benefits of using e-signatures to close your sales deals.

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1. Reduced Human Error

No matter how much your sales representatives double-check the information on the contract, typographical errors happen, and these misspelled names or incorrect numbers slow down your entire cycle. You also waste resources when reprinting copies of the documents.

With Countersign, the error margin is significantly reduced because you’d take full advantage of contract templates. It’s just a matter of filling in the blanks and having all parties involved put in their electronic signatures.

2. Improved visibility

This is a benefit sales managers truly enjoy: You won’t be looking for misplaced documents because everything — templates and signed deals — is stored in a single place within the e-signature solution. You can access the contracts anytime, from anywhere, making the old folder filing system back in the office redundant.

Furthermore, you have visibility on all your out and pending sales contracts. So you’ll know instantly who to call up and re-apply your sales pitch.

3. Improved client experience

Scheduling and attending meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual, can be time-consuming. Having the whole process — discussion, contract review, and signing — happening right when the client is open to it gives them a seamless and positive customer experience.

You show how much you value their business, and more importantly, let them experience an effortless process showing your appreciation for their time.

4. Increased credibility rating

Documents that need to be sent back and forth because of mistakes don’t make you look good, and they may even compromise the privacy and security of your clients.

When you use Countersign, there’s no need for revisions because the templates are ready, and should there be any revisions, they can be done in real-time and in full transparency with your client.

You’ll build your reputation of being prepared and ensuring that your client’s information is always secure.

5. Faster turnaround time

Sales reps often end their day with minimal to zero deals because they have to get back to their clients the following day or during the next meeting. And the primary reason is the sales contract still needs to be prepared, or revisions must be applied. Or the people required to sign are not available at a given time.

An e-signature solution leads to a better turnaround time because you can send the same sales contract to all the involved parties conveniently by e-mail. There is no need to find a common schedule or send contracts by mail. Instead, you can close the deal anytime, anywhere.

In summary

Technology has indeed changed how sales teams can work more efficiently and flawlessly, and thanks to e-signatures, you can complete contract signings in a breeze.

The information on the documents is more accurate, and the client’s privacy is secured. Countersign efficient e-signature workflow is imperative if you want to focus on increasing sales and better customer experience.

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