Go digital with your wedding photography contracts – a case study

Aug 05, 2021

This article was written by a professional photographer. They share their experience on how an online e-signature solution like Countersign can make dealing with wedding event contracts much smoother.

As a freelance photographer, I need to use many documents to avoid any misunderstandings and protect myself against liabilities. But this can prove to be a challenging process, especially if I’m constantly on the move from one gig to another. Having to track everything I send out can then become tedious and time-consuming. 

Enter electronic signatures. E-contracts allow me to legitimize all my projects from anywhere and right when I need to. I no longer have to worry about unnecessary surprises. An online e-signature solutions like Countersign make my work easier and impart an element of professionalism to my work. Here’s why I went digital with photography contracts.

Going digital with Countersign

Before turning to Countersign, I never understood why people were fussing so much over contracts. I never saw the need to go to great lengths to outline a contract. I didn’t even think it was a big deal until I realized that I was taking a huge risk. Before I accept any gig, it is crucial that I document and understand the conditions involved. The minute I progressed from being an amateur to a professional, I could no longer ignore the legal aspect of this profession. I now realize that a contract serves to protect my client and me. It ensures that we agree on the basic elements of the job at hand.

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The shift from paper contracts

I put off digitizing my contracts for a long time. That was until I started facing challenges that prompted a wake-up call to efficiency.

Security issues with traditional contracts

Over time, I had accumulated numerous contracts, and the worst part was that I couldn’t even tell where I had kept some of them. The thought that I had misplaced some of my contracts or that they landed in the wrong hands sent me into panic mode.

Editing challenges of printed contracts

This was a major pain point for me. Whenever I wanted to alter the document, I had to draft the contract all over again. This was not only time-consuming but also echoed the lack of efficiency in my work. I realized I would spend a considerable amount of time editing contracts — time I could have spent doing something far more constructive.

High costs or paper contracts

Paper-based contracts are expensive. Besides using a lot of paper, I had to invest in a printer, stationery, photocopier, and other supplies. Over time, these costs added up, prompting me to consider an alternative.

The big move to e-contracts with Countersign

In my profession, time is a significant resource. That’s the main reason I chose Countersign as my solution because it allows me to save time and money. I can now send electronic contracts to my clients and have them append their e-signatures regardless of the difference in time or distance. I can send these contracts from the comfort of my home whenever I deem it convenient. I don’t even need a computer. My tablet makes it easy to send the document with the touch of a button. 

Since I went digital, I can easily track which of my clients have signed the agreement and those who haven’t, allowing me to send reminders when appropriate.

Benefits of going digital with Countersign

1. Security

This was one concern I wanted to address. Once I made the move to digital, I realized that e-signatures were far more secure than conventional paper documents. Electronic solutions such as Countersign don’t merely allow you to e-sign a document but also include traceable information on parties who have signed the document.

2. Convenience

The world of business is geographically dispersed. In my profession, I work with different people from different locations. With Countersign’s remote authentication, my work becomes so much more convenient than having to spend time scanning, mailing, and printing.

3. Lower Cost

Since I adopted Countersign, I have discovered how cost-efficient e-signatures are than the traditional pen and paper. I don’t just save on paper but mailing supplies and postage as well.

4. Fast and Easy

Electronic signatures have significantly reduced the time I take to implement agreements, eliminating the days of the outdated procedure of sending contracts physically from one location to another for in-person signing. This shortened turnaround time has also led to increased efficiency.

Why Countersign is the way to go

  • Compatibility with most devices and browsers
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Fast and precise transactions
  • Supports numerous file types

If you’re a freelance photographer like me, you want to consider taking your business to another level. Perhaps it’s time we started viewing ourselves as professional businesses rather than freelancers, which might push us to choose more professional tools to elevate our work. Simplify your work processes by using Countersign and start reaping the benefits today!

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