Countersign: Tailor-made for the Travel Agency

Sep 14, 2023

The world of travel is evolving at breakneck speed. The bustling activity of making reservations, monitoring legal changes, and responding to real-time requests requires rapid responses. For the travel agents on the front lines and the small enterprises orchestrating magical journeys behind the scenes, there’s a need for solutions that can keep up. Enter our e-signature platform: crafted with care for the little giants of the travel industry.

1. Feature Overview

  • Simplicity is the New Sophistication: We’ve stripped down the unnecessary clutter. Our design philosophy? If my mother can’t use it, it’s too complicated. Be it sending documents, signing, or receiving confirmations, the journey is straightforward. Sometimes the best e-signature platform for travel agencies is really the simplest.
  • Real-time Updates: We understand the hustle. Speed matters. That’s why our platform is designed to keep everyone on the same page — literally.
  • Mobile-friendly: Whether you’re in your office, on a site visit, or taking a brief respite at a café, our platform seamlessly adjusts to mobile devices. Convenience right at your fingertips.
The dashboard list is stripped down to display only the information you need to know about the status of your documents.

2. Security Overview

  • No Compromises: While we keep things simple and human for you, when it comes to security, we’re all business. Your documents are sealed with top-notch AES 256-bit encryption. All access and transfer take place over HTTPS and TLS protocols.
  • Security Matters: We ensure your data stays yours. From storage to transmission, authentication to authorization, we regularly review our security practices and the vendors we work with to ensure compliance and adherence to industry standards.
  • Audit Trails: Every key action on our platform, whether a signature or a revision, leaves a trace. This guarantees accountability and transparency in every transaction. When the signing process is complete, check document versions against each other with checksum to ensure no modifications have been made.
Document verification in Countersign
Document verification with checksum in Countersign

3. Let Us Help You

  • Less Clicks, More Results: Need to share your document without inputting a bunch of email addresses? Templatize it and get a shareable link. Agreements, insurance forms, waivers – all this lives in one place. View and track documents by status, void when they’re no longer needed, and let Countersign do the rest.
Send documents for signing and make templates for reusing from the Create panel.
All your documents, sorted by status in the Files panel. Forget the days of lost-in-the-mail and lost-in-my-inbox: Countersign does the sorting.
Sign, date, name, text, checkmark, email, and initial. Minimalist edit panel for maximum results.
  • Cost-effective: We’re here for the small players. And we believe in providing exceptional value without burning a hole in your pocket. Our Community Plan is free forever, and we have upgrade options to meet your needs at scale. Affordable electronic signature platforms for travel agencies do exist!
  • Environmental Impact: Remember those stacks of paper and printer hassles? With e-signatures, you’re not only improving efficiency but also taking a green step towards saving our planet. Countersign, at its core, is an environmentally friendly e-signature solution: an easy way to lower your carbon footprint while keeping your digital evolution strategy on track.

At Countersign, we’ve created a platform where technological finesse meets human sensibility. For the travel agents and agencies who believe that business, at its heart, is about connections and trust, our platform is for you. Dive in, explore, and let us be a part of your journey. 🌍 ✈️ 🖋️

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