Enhanced public relations with e-signatures – a case study

May 25, 2021

This article was written by a creative professional of an award-winning PR firm. It outlines the many ways public relations with e-signature services like Countersign can improve the client relationship.

Juggling various lines of communication and maintaining client contracts can be difficult when you’re in public relations. With modern signature solutions, I was able to do away with unnecessary steps such as redoing paperwork, getting it ready for clients, and waiting for them to sign and send it back to me.

Client contracts used to take up so much time. I can’t afford to get stuck with unsigned documents and pending contracts between distributing press releases, managing social media responses, and public relations crises. 

The Countersign Difference

I was surprised by how much more quickly it could be done with Countersign; a guided e-signature flow makes signing documents and the approval process easier and more secure. 

I can get multiple signatures in a single day without the need to tediously follow up with each party. Our firm can send out a contract to all signatories in one go. They can fill it in and send it back to us instantly and from whatever device they receive the emails on.

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Easy integration 

We were able to seamlessly integrate Countersign into our processes and client accounts without any problems. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows all participants to read the documents, provide their e-signature, and see which party has already completed the document. Furthermore, it is optimized to work on any device they’re using, whether it’s a tablet, mobile, or laptop. You comfortably access it with a browser; no app download is needed. 

Compatible with multiple file formats

Countersign is compatible with all the document formats we use: PDFs, Word documents, and even image files (JPEG and PNG). It was also a relief that the drafts we create are saved as templates meaning no one has to go back and keep redrafting the contracts.

Google-backed encryption for security

PR requires a high level of client confidentiality, and the ability to keep the details of our client accounts a secret is indispensable. Security issues are one of the main reasons most industries haven’t made the transition to electronic signatures. However, with Countersign’s Google-backed encryption, we made the move to e-signatures without fear of forgery or data theft.

Authentic signatures and transparent workflow

We are also able to ensure the authenticity of the signatures. We can easily keep an eye on the document and how it is progressing. It is safer than physical signatures because Countersign ensures documents are only accessed by authorized personnel. 

Documents in Countersign have the added advantage of storing an audit trail; it’s a detailed record of who accessed the files and their activity.

Legally binding 

Of course, we made sure to follow all the guidelines stipulated in the ESIGN Act of 2000. This makes e-signatures legally valid as long as authentication is maintained. If it ever becomes necessary, e-signatures will hold up in court.

Focus on What’s Important

People often wonder what a PR professional does, and since I used to get lost in all the documentation, I forgot what my job was as well… Thanks to e-signatures, I am a better PR specialist with more time to focus on the important aspects of my work. While client contract management is still part of the daily grind, it doesn’t take up as much time as before.


Helping our clients with brand identity is paramount. Working with logos and messaging is something we deal with every day. The option to customize our messaging was therefore a nice surprise. Countersign allows us to tailor-fit messaging and switch logos with ease; we can standardize and update all our communications within the agency and with our clients.

Environment-friendly solution

E-signature technology is eco-friendly. It uses no paper and doesn’t sacrifice any trees. With more companies adopting e-signatures to help save the planet, you too could give it a try by adopting e-signatures for one of your processes or departments. 

Countersign is the best e-signature service

As PR firms adopt new digital trends and innovation, our communication needs evolve as well. Countersign is one of the services and technologies that has helped us quickly keep up with the requirements of our organization and clients. And if you don’t believe it, see for yourself; you can sign up to Countersign for free and take advantage of the 10 documents they give you as welcome gift. It cannot be any easier than this.

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