E-signatures: a new way to manage medical forms

Nov 18, 2021

Paperwork — whether it’s document management, sales information, or stock details — is a common component of running any business in any sector. However, in the healthcare industry, physicians can spend as much as one-sixth of their working hours simply dealing with paperwork. The results? Extended wait queues for patients, repetitive work, increased expenses, and just overall lowered job satisfaction.

But now that everything can be digitized, it is compelling for healthcare management to follow suit. Remove the days of filling and filing physical forms and sorting through stacks of documentation, and start embracing e-signatures. Online e-signature services such as Countersign can help to reduce the paper and increase efficiency for any official document process.

If you are hesitant to switch to e-signatures, you’ll find some benefits below that should convince you that a paperless medical workflow is a perfect solution for any healthcare administration.

Benefits of e-Signatures

The benefits of using e-signatures are endless.

  • Less patient wait time,
  • easy verification of the authenticity of medical bills,
  • faster decision-making,
  • fewer resources spent on document collection and storage,
  • lowered chances of tampering with medical documents…

The list goes on. Here’s a closer look at the chief benefits:

Templates for quick form preparation

Managing medical forms is time-consuming and tedious. Having ready-made templates can reduce the burden and ensure that all the relevant and essential information required of your patients is easily organized, thus making administrative tasks easier, quicker, and more effective.

You can easily customize, modify, and edit templates, which can help streamline the process of filing information, helping you save hours of tiresome work. Templates also help ensure uniformity, which can be extremely useful and convenient in all kinds of situations.

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Safe and secure cloud storage to improve accessibility

Having hundreds of folders — enough to take up rooms of storage space and hours to sort through — is a reality in the healthcare industry. Imagine those files are readily available to you at the click of a button. Any good online e-signatures service offers just that.

You can safely store documents, records, and files on your cloud and access them anywhere, on any device, from a mobile, tablet, or laptop. This is an effective way to save time, effort, reduce storage space, and cost.

Assign signer roles and request signatures

E-signature services enable you to assign signer roles to your documents. You can enforce a signing order amongst multiple signers, who can then prepare documents and fill in required details in order of importance. Once a signee has signed the document, it will be automatically forwarded to the next party. An audit trail ensures that all parties can monitor the document’s progress at all times.

Saving time and effort, thereby improving efficiency

It is said that for every hour-long ER visit, an additional hour is invested in completing paperwork for it. Clearly, this is not sustainable. Medical Economics claims that 44% of physicians are weighed down by administrative paperwork, decreasing efficiency and making their job more stressful than required.

E-signatures allow remote, seamless sharing of documents amongst multiple parties, enabling forms to be completed and submitted quicker, thus sidestepping delays due to absences or workflow interruption. Ultimately, this improves work morale as the hassle of delayed paperwork is avoided with ease.


As the medical sector faces a glaring shortage of experienced medical professionals, every hour a doctor spends doing paperwork could be better spent treating patients.

If you’re interested in exploring how to better serve your patients’ needs, keep patient data secure, comply with all legal laws, and not have to deal with a mountain of paperwork, check out Countersign‘s features for free!

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