A photographer’s release forms done in a snap with Countersign – a case study

Dec 10, 2020

Managing your own business can be complex. That’s especially true when your business requires managing a lot of paperwork. Wedding photographers must manage all types of documents—from tax forms, invoices to legal paperwork that protects them from liability. One such document is the photo release forms that wedding photographers must draw up, distribute, and file away. But fortunately, with an e-signature solution like Countersign, a photographer’s release forms can be done in a snap.

The following text was written by an professional freelance photographer. It demonstrates how an e-signature service like Countersign can reduce paperwork and free up more time to do what’s important.

A wedding photographer’s take 

As a destination wedding photographer, I love so many parts of my job. I enjoy traveling to new places, seeing clients, and using my passion—photography—to illuminate and capture a special moment in the newlyweds’ lives. But one thing I don’t love about my job is having to manage photo release forms. 

Because of Countersign’s mobile-optimized interface, the whole process works from my tablet or phone; I can do all my paperwork on the move.

A wedding photographer’s take on Countersign

Photography is an art, and my ultimate goal is to provide beautiful pictures that clients will cherish forever. As a business owner, though, I have to think about protecting my business and my brand. That means following the industry conventions to protect my photos. But fortunately nowadays there’s a way around the traditional, paper-heavy ways: using Countersign has totally transformed how I manage my paperwork.

I need to be able to retain legal ownership of the images I shoot and edit. That lets me use them on my website and social media posts, include them in my portfolio, and work with bridal magazines to publish amazing pictures. I also don’t want clients—or anyone else—to alter my images, especially if they’re sharing them online. A badly edited photo can alter the public perception of my photography in ways I don’t want. Therefore for every photo shoot, I use a photo release form. 

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Going digital with photo release forms

A photo release form allows my clients to access their wedding images, but it gives me legal protection if my images are edited or if someone else attempts to claim ownership of my work. And I can still use those photos for my own marketing and social presence. As a self-employed photographer, photo release forms are absolutely crucial. 

The trouble is that managing photo release forms takes time and can be complicated. I know my clients are in the midst of planning their wedding ceremonies and are very busy! When I was using paper documents it was common to face delays in getting my release forms back. And while managing multiple clients, I had to juggle and track the same signature process for several different weddings and clients all at once.  

Using Countersign transformed this process for the better. I can create a template for the forms I keep using and have it ready for new clients in no time. And then instead of waiting for my clients to print, sign, and scan the photo release forms, I can easily get their digital signatures. Because of Countersign’s mobile-optimized interface, the whole process works from a tablet or phone—all you need is internet access. If I meet clients for engagement shoots, I can get their wedding-day photo release signed right then and there and send them a copy instantly. It’s so efficient.

My clients appreciate the ease of e-signatures, especially given all of the other paperwork and planning they have on their plates. 

A wedding photographer’s take on Countersign

On my end, having a digital storage system for my signed photo release forms makes working with different clients much easier. In the past, if I wanted an electronic record, I needed to print and scan different documents and create my own digital filing system. With an e-signature solution, it’s so much easier to streamline the photo release form storage process. I know that my forms are more secure and digitally backed up in the cloud, not just lying in my office. 

Once I started using Countersign, I knew immediately that I wouldn’t go back to pen and paper. The simple, efficient e-signature process eliminates stress about copyright and legality, freeing up more time for me to focus on what I really love: photography.  

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