Need to jump-start your productivity in Countersign? Follow these e-signature tutorials for Countersign to get the most out of signing and requesting signatures online.

Preparing & Sending Documents

Prepare and send a document

If you need someone to sign an agreement, upload the document to Countersign, add the signer’s information, define the input fields required, and send it. The receiver will be able to sign the document immediately from their computer or mobile device.

Prepare, sign and send a document

If the contract also requires your own signature, define your input fields to place your e-signature. Your signature will be added to the finalized document.

Self-sign and send a document

Documents that only require your own signature and need to be handed to someone can easily be processed and sent in Countersign.

Create a template

You can create templates from documents you need to send multiple times. You only need to set up the document once, and you can reuse the template as often as you need, saving you the time to re-define the document again and again.

Send a document from a template

Documents that are often reused can be stored as templates. Whenever you need to send the document, pull up the template, customize the information, and send it to the signers. You can easily send documents from templates anytime from any device.

Send from template on your desktop

Send from template on your mobile device

Signing Documents

Sign a document on your mobile device

When someone sends you a signing request on Countersign, you can easily review and sign the document on your mobile device. No sign-up is required. Follow the link in the email, read the agreement sent to you, and sign with your electronic signature. Done.

Send a document again from your mobile device

Need to resend the same document you signed to another person? Simply choose “Send Again” on the old document, replace the receiver, and send.

Upload and sign a PDF on your mobile device

Forget about finding a printer or scanning documents. If someone shares a PDF to sign with you, simply upload it to Countersign, sign it, and email the completed document back to the requester.

Managing Documents

Add custom branding

To create a familiar e-signature process, add your brand to your client-facing communications sent from Countersign. (Custom brand requires Elite subscription.)

Check status of document

Always know the status of your contract. Access the document details in your file archive, to see who has viewed and signed the sent document.

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