Countersign: An ideal solution for modern work habits of lawyers

Apr 30, 2020

This article was written by an actual Countersign user.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, attorneys and their clients have been redefining the work environment. That reimaging of the traditional workplace however has been taking shape for a number of years. More lawyers and clients than ever are eschewing traditional office environments. The advent of various technological innovations such as reliable videoconferencing and cloud-based infrastructure has led to a greater number of professionals working remotely — and with that, a bigger need a solution for the new work habits of lawyers.

In my practice, I advise startup clients who are particularly tech-savvy and work in non-traditional work environments such as co-working spaces and home offices. They also travel frequently and combine work with pleasure, logging in to do work from all over the globe. They often do not have access to equipment like printers, scanners, copy machines and fax machines, so their ability to print, sign and send executed documents by email or fax is limited. Many co-working spaces also do not offer these amenities, and the resources found in places like hotel business centers can be frustrating to use. 

As an attorney who spends a lot of time on the road and works while traveling around the world, I also seldom have access to the equipment needed to send and receive hand-signed documents. With Countersign, I’m able to instantly send and receive signed documents from anywhere in the world at any time.

My clients also appreciate that they can sign documents no matter where they are as long as they have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with them. 

Both lawyers and clients are becoming increasingly mobile and flexible about the barriers between their working lives and personal lives. Given their flexible working habits, asking my clients to come in for an office visit to sign a document, or instructing them to print, sign and scan documents is a non-starter. It is important for all attorneys to adjust to these trends and ensure they have the right tools to work digitally. 

How Does CounterSign Work? 

Using CounterSign is a simple process for both the person sending the document and the recipient who is signing. As a sender, everything is accomplished through CounterSign’s online platform. After uploading the document you want to be signed, you can add fields for any information you want the recipient to provide in addition to their signature. 

For example, if you want the recipient to type in their name, title, and date, you can easily create fields for them to do so using a simple drag and drop tool. The creation of customizable fields is especially helpful if you have form documents that you use routinely in your business. For example, if you’re a freelance designer and have a standard contractor agreement, you can create a template with fields for the few modifications you need for each client: things like the rate, deadlines, scope of services, date and client’s name. 

When you’re ready to send an agreement for signature, Countersign will deliver an email to the signatory notifying them that a document is ready to sign. The signatory will click a link in the email and is able to review and sign the document through Countersign’s platform. They do not need to pay for an account or download any software or apps. 

Once a document is signed, a fully executed copy of the document is emailed to both parties. Within my CounterSign dashboard, I’m able to view which agreements are pending and download agreements that have been signed. I’m also able to see when a document was viewed and signed, and the IP address and geographic location it was signed from. Countersign simplifies the process of signing documents but also functions as a helpful repository for documents and recordkeeping tool that tracks the history of pending, signed, and 100% legal documents. What else could one ask from a solution for these new work habits of lawyers?

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