Countersign: The ideal electronic signature solution for lawyers

Apr 23, 2020

This article was written by an actual Countersign user.

As many attorneys can relate, collecting signatures to agreements is an important but often logistically annoying task. I’m always surprised to find that most of my colleagues in the bar still collect signatures the old fashion way: at in-person meetings or by having clients download, print, sign, scan, attach and email documents. These antiquated methods of obtaining signatures are inconvenient and unreliable. Electronic signature is a better solution for lawyers.

As an advisor to startups, many of my clients work remotely from non-traditional work environments and prefer a faster method to sign documents that can be handled entirely on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In my practice, asking a client to visit an office or print and scan a document just to obtain a signature is not a viable or thoughtful request. 

Electronic signature apps have exploded in popularity in recent years and there is no shortage of options available on the market. After testing several leading e-signature services, I found Countersign to be the electronic signature solution for lawyers to send out legal documents for signature. Countersign is user-friendly, cloud-based, affordable, and 100% legally binding. It obviates the need for office visits, printers, scanners, and fax machines.

Countersign works from any computer or mobile device and delivers a seamless, intuitive experience from start to finish. 

Why is Countersign the Best E-Signature Solution for Attorneys?

With over 1.35 million attorneys in the United States, one of the hardest aspects of being an attorney is differentiating yourself in a saturated market. That’s why it’s so important to convey a firm’s unique personality and reputation in everything they deliver to a client. That obviously includes quality work products, but law firms also achieve this goal by branding their logo on business cards, letterheads, and pens. Lawyers also convey their value through their websites, office locations, décor, and even wardrobes. 

The software you use to engage with your clients is no less important in distinguishing yourself from competitors. Any e-signature solution I ask a client to use has to be easy and reliable. One frequent way I use Countersign is for new clients signing my engagement letter. That is usually the first document I deliver to a client so it’s especially important that the signing process is smooth and leaves a positive impression. Or when I’m closing a deal after a hard-fought negotiation, I want the final step where the parties sign the agreement to be frictionless and perfunctory. 

Electronic signatures should make the process of signing documents more convenient, but the complexity of some applications defeats that purpose. Many are needlessly convoluted and require a steep learning curve both to prepare a document for signature and for the signatory to understand what needs to be done. 

Using Countersign is intuitive and can be learned by anyone instantly. The interface is clean and aesthetically minimal, stripped down to the bare essentials. Countersign also doesn’t require the signatory to pay for an account or download software. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay Countersign is that my clients immediately sign agreements without any questions asked or wasted time and effort.

The best tools are the ones that are invisible, and Countersign lets you and the client focus on the task at hand without worrying about the software behind it.   

Is Countersign Secure?

As an attorney, client confidentiality and security of data are of paramount concern. Countersign uses encryption methods and physically secure data centers to ensure your documents stay safe. Access to documents is limited to your password-protected account and recipients can only view the agreement via their email address. Countersign takes digital security seriously and was designed for professional users with high stakes confidential workflows, truly making it the electronic signature solution for lawyers. 

Try Countersign Free of Charge

You can see how Countersign can help your practice at no charge. Countersign offers a completely free account with no credit card information needed. If Countersign is right for you and you need greater capacity, you can subscribe to a plan for a low monthly cost, without any long term commitments. 

Even if you decide to stop using Countersign, you will still have access to your signed agreements. Signing up and learning how to use Countersign is easy and free! You can get started here!

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