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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about NDA’s and Countersign’s e-signature solution. Find more answers here.

  • What is an e-signature?

    An e-signature is the digital equivalent of a person’s handwritten signature. Since documents requiring e-signatures can be shared quickly online, the process of getting documents signed and completed is considerably shorter than with printed and mailed documents. E-signature services like Countersign can be used with most computers, tablets, and smartphones. E-signed documents can be stored digitally or printed and archived in traditional filing systems.

  • What are templates?

    Templates within Countersign are documents created and owned by a requester and are intended for reuse. The requester can upload and prepare documents and save them as templates. Then, as the need arises, the requester can simply choose one of their templates and send it to the signer without having to redefine all the fields.

  • Are documents on Countersign secure?

    Yes. Countersign runs on secure infrastructure managed by Google. Your network connection is encrypted, your documents are encrypted at rest, and the Countersign service runs in physically secure data centers. Access to your documents is logged. View your audit trails at any time.

  • What is the purpose of an NDA?

    An NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, is a contract obligating a party to not disclose confidential information. NDAs are used in many business situations where sensitive information is involved.

    For example, a company might have their employees or contractors sign an NDA to ensure they don’t disclose company secrets to competitors. Or two parties might be exploring a business deal together and want to ensure their discussions and anything they share about themselves remains private.

    An NDA creates a legal obligation for the other party to keep your confidential information private and imposes legal consequences if they violate its terms.

  • What should an NDA include?

    NDAs contain a few common features. An NDA should clearly indicate who is obligated to keep the information confidential. The NDA should also define what exactly constitutes confidential information. For example, the NDA may specifically name what is being protected (i.e., a specific document or file) or may more broadly describe confidential information as anything proprietary to one party.

    NDAs usually also contain carve-outs for things not considered confidential information. For example, information that the recipient already had is usually exempted from confidentiality obligations.

    NDAs also usually have a defined term, i.e., the period of time the confidentiality obligations will remain in effect. NDAs will also outline the consequences for breaching the NDA. Oftentimes NDAs give the aggrieved party the right to pursue an injunction and damages for breach.

  • How long is an NDA applicable?

    The length of an NDA is a negotiated point between the parties. Typically, NDAs last anywhere from a year to two years. The exact term of an NDA however is highly dependent on the particular circumstances involved and is sometimes a contentious point of negotiation.

    The disclosing party will want the longest amount of time possible whereas the recipient will usually try to limit the time they are obligated to maintain confidentiality.

Countersign for Everyone

Countersign is a preferred online e-signature solution for a variety of industries. The efficient signing process and templates can help improve the workflow for anyone who needs to request signatures or sign a document themselves. Below are just a few examples of who can benefit from Countersign:

Consent Form Visitor Attendance Form Authorization to Release Information Consent for Treatment of Minors Form Telehealth Informed Consent Confidentiality Statement, Employees
Credit Check Client Information for Real Estate Rental Application Liability Waiver / Rental Agreement House Buyers Information Checklist Rental Inspection Report Form
Vendor Registration Form Event Registration Affiliate Signup Form Follow Up Survey Order Return Form Domain Name Purchase and Sale Agreement

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