How Nonprofits Increase Productivity with E-Signatures

Dec 07, 2023

Like every organization, non-profit organizations have a lot of documents and administrative tasks to get through every single day that can take up more time than necessary – such as getting important documents signed. In many cases, these nonprofits have to wait for documents to be signed before moving forward with work. This waiting time is tantamount to lost productive time.

Using an e-signature software or application can help nonprofits streamline the process, thus helping increase their organization’s productivity. Let’s look at the various advantages of e-signatures that nonprofits can benefit from. 

Manage HR Processes and Community Outreach Entirely Digitally

Going digital with your paperwork can save the organization time while allowing employees to get their work done faster by simplifying processes across all divisions. 

HR Processes

Digitizing human resources work can help save a lot of time and space in document management. With e-signatures, you will no longer need large steel cabinets to hold all documents since everything is stored in the cloud. 

Digitizing HR processes means using e-signatures in recruiting, hiring, and managing employees. This will appeal especially to younger and more tech-savvy employees.

Going digital means fostering centralized document management, ensuring the HR processes become more manageable. 

Community Outreach

Reaching out to the community is essential to dealing with donors and potential sponsors. 

E-signature offers a lot of convenience, especially for donors, as it will enable them to sign documents anytime, anywhere. This will, in turn, make it easier for nonprofits to start implementing their agreements sooner. 

The process is also better for signature campaigns. Without e-signatures, nonprofits would have to physically go outside to gather signatures, and the number of signatures they’d get would depend on how many people they pass and have time to stop to listen at that very moment. 

With e-signatures, you can reach more people and a wider demographic by launching an online signature campaign. 

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Cutting Costs on Paper, Printing, and Postage

Since non-profit organizations don’t make a profit – it’s in the name – they have to save costs wherever they can. An e-signature and contract software will help with that. 

When processes are digitized, nonprofits no longer have to buy copious amounts of paper. There’s no need to print dozens of communications for donors and potential sponsors. This helps cut costs on office supplies, electricity as well as handling. Postage expenses are also removed from the equation. 

On top of that, a digital process will also save the environment! It reduces waste in the organization as well as for receivers since they don’t have to dispose of the letters they receive. Nonprofits that change to e-signatures will be one step closer to becoming a zero-waste organization.

Reduce Process Time

A simple workflow will reduce process time and be more manageable. The time saved from a streamlined work process can be used for more productive tasks. 

For example, a grant proposal is one of the most important documents every nonprofit needs to accomplish. Since nonprofit organizations run on grants and donations, the proposal process never rests. Contract management software will allow the organization to send the proposal to the higher-ups for approval and signature without much effort. 

Once the organization’s head signs the proposal, it can be sent to the benefactor or patrons. With e-signatures, all of this can be accomplished within hours. There is no need to allot time for printing and waiting days for the mail to reach its destination and receive the signed document back. Everything can be processed as quickly as the internet connection allows.

Conclusion: Nonprofit Efficiency Leads to Success

When nonprofit organizations adopt e-signatures, they have more time to focus on expanding their reach. 

The bigger the nonprofit becomes, the more people it can help. Productivity through e-signatures benefits everyone involved. 

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