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Free as you scale

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Easy client collaboration

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  • Above and beyond HIPAA standards, all subprocessors are ISO 20017 and SOC 2-compliant
  • Regular reviews of code, vulnerabilities, 
and subprocessors
Secure and legally binding


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The Flow



Use one of our templates or upload your own file.


Assign roles

Tell Countersign who’s in charge of what and where to sign.


Collect and complete

Send a link via email or share a QR code to be signed on any device.



Everyone gets a copy via email and the document is securely saved in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most important questions. Find more answers here.

  • What is an e-signature?

    An e-signature is the digital equivalent of a person’s handwritten signature. Since documents requiring e-signatures can be shared quickly online, the process of getting documents signed and completed is considerably shorter than with printed and mailed documents. E-signature services like Countersign can be used with most computers, tablets, and smartphones. E-signed documents can be stored digitally or printed and archived in traditional filing systems.

  • Are e-signed documents really legally binding?

    E-signatures are 100% legally binding. In the USA, electronically signed papers are validated by the U.S. eSignature Act of 2000 (U.S. Federal Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and can be used as evidence during disputes in court.

  • How does Countersign work?

    When you upload a document (PDF, Word doc, JPEG or PNG) to Countersign you can use our simple step-by-step editor to indicate which fields the signer(s) should complete. If you need to, you can add your own e-signature at this point. You can also save the prepared document as a template for future use. When the document is ready, Countersign will send an email notification to the recipient(s) you want. They will be directed to the Countersign application to read, complete, and add their e-signature as needed. When all is done, the signed document will be shared (as a PDF) with all parties via email.

  • Signing a document sent to you?

    You will receive an email from Countersign linking you to the document. You can review the document at a time that’s convenient for you, fill out any details needed (these fields will be shown to you), and add your e-signature. When all parties have completed and signed, Countersign will send the signed document to everybody along with a confirmation email.

  • What are templates?

    Countersign lets you create and store templates of any documents you prepare for re-use in the future, saving you both time and effort.

  • Are documents on Countersign secure?

    Yes. Countersign runs on secure infrastructure managed by Google. Your network connection is encrypted, your documents are encrypted at rest, and the Countersign service runs in physically secure data centers. Access to your documents is automatically logged and you can view your audit trails at any time.

Countersign for Everyone

Countersign is a preferred online e-signature solution for a variety of industries. The efficient signing process and templates can help improve the workflow for anyone who needs to request signatures or sign a document themselves. Below are just a few examples of who can benefit from Countersign:

Consent Form Visitor Attendance Form Authorization to Release Information Consent for Treatment of Minors Form Permission to Record Session Form Discontinuation of Therapy Letter Telehealth Disclosure Form Confidentiality Statement, Employees
Credit Check Rental Application House Buyers Information Checklist Client Information for Real Estate Liability Waiver / Rental Agreement Rental Inspection Report Form
Vendor Registration Form Affiliate Signup Form Order Return Form Event Registration Follow Up Survey Domain Name Purchase and Sale Agreement

More About Countersign and E-Signatures

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e-signature solution most efficiently and economically.

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