Electronic signatures and sales representatives – a case study

Nov 19, 2020

This article was written by a senior sales representative on his experience with online e-signature solutions and demonstrates how e-signature services like Countersign can produce a faster, more efficient sales process.

I am a sales representative for a major food producer. I serve as the go-between between my company and restaurants, supermarkets, and other organizations seeking to procure the best quality products for the right price. Much of my day involved responding to emails and producing new documents for our customers to sign. Since switching entirely to electronic documents containing e-signatures, I have noticed an increase in productivity and more time spent actually making sales.

Speed and efficiency

I have been a sales representative for this company for over a decade. Until recently, I always communicated with customers through a mix of email and regular mail. I would send basic information through email, but anything requiring a signature I sent through regular mail.

Recently I observed how other sales representatives have been using technology to increase their efficiency. I learned about electronic signatures and how they are legally binding in all 50 states and the European Union. I began to realize how easy it would be to transition my business to 100% electronic. I knew my customers would appreciate this, as many have commented that they wished they could sign the documents I send them online.

I found out about a service called Countersign. This online solution offers electronic signature services that help increase workplace productivity. I can spend more time formulating strategies and conducting industry research rather than dealing with paperwork.

Countersign offers electronic signature services that help increase workplace productivity.

Sales representative on Countersign

I can store any necessary documents as templates in Countersign. An editing feature allows me to add signature lines and spaces for names, dates, and initials. The customer will then receive a link to Countersign’s online application, which does not require additional installation by any parties. The customer can sign, either on a personal computer or mobile device and send the document right back to me. The document becomes legally enforceable. Often, the entire process is completed within an hour. Each party will receive the completed document as an email attachment and view the signed copies on the Countersign web app.

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Safety and security

I trust Countersign to keep my documents safe. Countersign has a Google-backed security system located on a secure network. The legality of the documents is also protected as they keep track of any changes made by any parties. If there is ever a dispute, I will be able to present these records as evidence, saving myself and my employer the risk of liability.

Countersign uses cloud-based storage which means that there will always be a backup of documents available. If something happened to my office, destroying my paper documents and computer, I would have peace of mind knowing all my electronic records still exist in the cloud. 

More time to sell!

The most significant benefit offered by my embrace of electronic documents is the increased amount of time I focus on my sales. Sales representatives are set apart from the competition by executing the little things that others don’t have time to do. The half an hour I spent sending letters and organizing signed contracts, I can now spend several activities to increase my numbers. 

The most significant benefit offered by Countersign is the increased amount of time I focus on my sales.

Sales representative on Countersign

For instance, I have spent more time checking in on industry news, looking at the most recent trends, industry publications, and anything that may give me a leg up on the competition. When speaking with customers, it helps to know about any big stories and current issues in the industry.  

I have also spent more time reaching out to prospects, engaging in more in-depth conversations with them, and setting up more video meetings. I have also been able to speak with my coworkers more to hear about strategies that work for them in their sales pitches. When I’m speaking with customers, I feel that the extra preparation makes my pitch more polished and more likely to be successful. 

With things moving in the direction they are, I’m glad I finally went fully digital. Electronic signatures and templates have saved me a lot of time and energy I can now put into my sales work, and my stature at the company has already improved. 

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